on the street on the tube

we watch television in the evenings
 we watch shows
 that we've recorded
 usually the evening before
 we do it for two reasons
we detest commercials 
 i worked in advertising for a lot of years
 commercials do not interest me in the least

 we also use the recorded yesterday shows
 to fill in the evenings
 when there's nothing on
 we would watch 

makes sense to us

 we record a great many shows
spread out
 the other evenings

 there's a point here

 one of my favorite shows
 the closer 
when it ended its run
 there followed
 a 'spin off' called
 major crimes

 i am enjoying it a lot

 last night
 we watched this week's episode
 due to the credits
 i was able to recognize an actor
 who i would never have recognized otherwise
bruce willis
 tom berenger
 aged well

 back in the late 80s 
i saw him in
 someone to watch over me
fell for him
 what a crush i had
 what a difference
 30 years makes

any of you ever develop a crush on an actor?
have you seen them lately?