on the street on the tube

we watch television in the evenings
 we watch shows
 that we've recorded
 usually the evening before
 we do it for two reasons
we detest commercials 
 i worked in advertising for a lot of years
 commercials do not interest me in the least

 we also use the recorded yesterday shows
 to fill in the evenings
 when there's nothing on
 we would watch 

makes sense to us

 we record a great many shows
spread out
 the other evenings

 there's a point here

 one of my favorite shows
 the closer 
when it ended its run
 there followed
 a 'spin off' called
 major crimes

 i am enjoying it a lot

 last night
 we watched this week's episode
 due to the credits
 i was able to recognize an actor
 who i would never have recognized otherwise
bruce willis
 tom berenger
 aged well

 back in the late 80s 
i saw him in
 someone to watch over me
fell for him
 what a crush i had
 what a difference
 30 years makes

any of you ever develop a crush on an actor?
have you seen them lately?


  1. Ok, you KNOW I am going to have to go Google Tom Berringer now, right??? Can't think of what he looks like. And as to a "dreamy" actor?? why, James Garner! and considering he has to be 90 or so now I haven't seen him of late-I'll just remember "Maverick" the way he was!
    Also going to check "Major Crimes" Hoping to find it on Netflix...

  2. Oh yes, after watching Mel Gibson in Braveheart I was totally in love with him! Then there was his anti-Semitic outburst - enough said. :(

  3. I have a couple actor crushes -- and some have held up over the years; others not so much. Dennis Quaid is one of mine; I could watch him in The Big Easy a hundred times ... wait! I already have. :)

  4. Yep, I've had a few crushes on actresses over the years.

    We watch very little "real time" tv also for the very same reasons you state.

  5. Maybe I have never told you this, but for years . . . YEARS . . . I was in love with Tom Berenger. I believe I have watched every movie he was in, and some were doozies. There was a naked one, too . . . but my favorite was Someone To Watch Over Me with Mimi Rogers. Very good suspenseful flick. A classic, imho.

  6. Mark Harmon and David McCallum. Both have aged very well.

  7. Oh I agree Mark Harmon has aged well and of course my big one is Johnny Depp. He still looks 18 to me! We tape some shows too but for sure not as good variety available. We just re-joined Netflix as I like getting my dvd's at home and we have a nice selection from them if we want something foreign too. Gone are the days when on Saturday nights there were so many prime shows to watch. We end up on Bravo alot as well, I like quite a few shows there but not the housewives of any city.


  8. And we do the same...I love Major Crimes,too...watched two delightfully ad free episodes last night. My crush was Tom Selleck...still a hunk...

  9. Daryl, there's not much on the tube these days. We tape a lot of our shows too. All of them actually! We both hate the commercials too! They drive me to distraction!
    Geez have you seen a picture of Arnie with his shirt off lately. Sad/sag city!

  10. I used to really like The Closer too. Was sorry to see it go.
    Hmmmm, don't have to think too long about this one.
    George Clooney, and OMG, this man looks better and better with each passing year. xo.

  11. I loved the Closer.. but had to record it and watch later
    since Bob didn't care for the program.

    I record all week and catch up on my days off.

  12. As I was reading your post I was thinking - we record 'the closer' and then I read you like that one too. They are showing repeats here and only showed the last season about 6 months ago. I didn't know about 'major crimes'. So thanks I will look out for that. BTW your photo is super. (I can't close my mouth - if my wisdom tooth touches anything - yikes :). I did think of you before I went to the dentist. Think I am going back again soon.) My first crush was Clint Eastwood when he played Rowdy Yates in Rawhide.

  13. I also had a HUGE crush on Tom Berenger but haven't seen him lately...sounds like that's a good thing. I'm sorry to hear he hasn't aged well.

  14. Jay North as Dennis the Menace rocked my world when I was little. didn't really know WHY I was so fascinated by him, but just knew it was private.

    OK, I'll say it: Mrs. Peel! Honey West!

    Heh Heh

    Warm ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  15. I pretty much dvr everything I watch to bypass commercials as well as fast forward through repetitive parts of International House Hunters.
    If Angelina Jolie was a man I'd probably have a crush on her.

  16. Someone above said Tom Selleck...me toooooo! In fact I'm watching a old episode of Jesse Stone right now :) you and Aimee would get on so well re internet shopping!

  17. As a teen I was so in love with Steve McQueen....

    We watch tv exactly that way...everything is recorded so we can zip through commercials. We are not finding much to record this summer though and all I have left to watch is Jeopardy:) Will have to try this show.


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