looking up

water towers 
 i wasnt looking for one
 had no intention of posting one
 after all
 i had
 'run out' 
 water tower inspiration

 the towers
 have a mind of their own

 i went to the dentist on tuesday morning
 took the m104
 got off at columbus circle 
 i am 
 not being late
 i was very early
i wandered a bit
 took some photos to share 
took a different route

 i would have walked directly down 57th street 
 i walked down 58th
 a whole new vista was opened to me

 there's that construction site
 three backhoes
 some interesting contrasting styles of architecture
2 water towers
 who knew?

 i ended up on 7th avenue 
where i took some more photos
 heading to 57th
 the dentist's office 


  1. That's a beautifully framed and constructed image Daryl! I really love everything about it from the colours to the structure. :)

  2. You have definitely made me see NYC in a new light. I so rarely remember to look up!

  3. Nice shot, lots going on. The one tower sure is on a rickety base way up in the air. Whazzupwiththat?

  4. It's such a big city, it boggles the mind. I would long for the sky if I was surrounded by so many buildings. Still, I'd love to visit and walk around taking photos!

  5. After all that I hope you were still on time for the dentist :) thanks for taking us along on your trip Daryl :)

  6. Now they're looking for you!! Thanks for taking us walking with you!

  7. Daryl, great vista! Including the water towers! I like the way my eye goes from close to far and there's so much to see in-between!

  8. hey, I went to the dentist yesterday too...and then too pics of birds, not water towers.
    love me the water towers.

  9. who knew! now you do. and thanks for this one, I stole it for desktop, so much to study!

  10. :-)
    I have the very same issues about being late for things!
    Glad you were early enough to find this.
    I love the backhoes in the foreground.

  11. Love that water tower that's closest.

    Columbus Circle...I've seen it at Christmas time, all lit up from that delightful restaurant Robert with good friends and a great tour guide...who takes great water tower pictures.

  12. Since I'm a tried and true tourist, I'm always looking up when I'm in NYC. I find myself saying excuse me a lot. AND I'm an early person, almost always. At the podiatrist's office on Tuesday - Martha to Receptionist: When is Dr. Z. going to see me? I've been waiting an hour! Receptionist to Martha: He's running late. It's his first day back from vacation. Martha: I know BUT I've been waiting an hour! Receptionist: Well, if you had shown up on time instead of 1/2 hr. early, you would have only been waiting a 1/2 hr. Martha retreats back to her chair. Note to Martha: bring a book next time and read the sign: Patients are seen according to their appointment time. Not according to the time they arrive. BTW, great shot!

  13. Wonderful...more water towers! Hope your dentist appointment was just a check-up.

  14. That is a great City Photograph from the three cranes thingies in the foreground up and UP!!!!! I hear Gershwin


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