its black and white

i intended setting up my sunday post on saturday
 i really did
 i am still not sure
i forgot

 it was due to melted brain
 from the deep tissue massage saturday morning
 i pamper myself monthly 
 a massage at exhale spa
 i will not divulge the name of the person 
who turns me into limp spaghetti 


if i do you
 will all book him/her 
then i won't be able to get my special time

i will say that exhale is a wonderful spa 
go find your own fabulous masseuse

 you may recall
 how much i like wandering the upper eastside 
the boutiques always have great display windows
 that make wonderful photo ops

 i was in a black and white mood
 all of the photos i snapped 
were done with my iPhone
 using the hueless app 

none of them
 were edited 
no signatures to hunt

 none of this explains
 my lack of post on sunday 

i will admit
 to spending a lot of time reading again 

i wanted to just indulge
 i didnt want to think 
i find myself thinking 
when i read 
 who dunnit
  how it will turn out 

last week 
i read
  the innocent 
the second in a series by taylor stevens
 it required concentration
 it was not as good as her first book
the informationist

on friday
 i read the first in a series by lauren kate
its a teen series
 its really good

 i followed this up
 devil's bride
was truly a non thinker 
if you liked georgette hyers regency novels
 you'll love stephanie laurens'
 (what is it with these two first name authors?)

what distracted me
 from writing a blog post 

in any case
are the photos i took on saturday

 79th street 
broadway and west end


lisa perry's boutique window 

 intermix's monochrome window

 a chic woman waiting to cross east 79 street

she was waiting too

 this guy 
who wasnt with her 
biked right by

this isnt in b/w but i really am coveting them

so how was your weekend?


  1. a very nice variety of black and whites Daryl!
    I believe sometimes it is good to forget to do things and indulge in other important things like reading a good book or two.

  2. I love the Hueless App! Check out Pixlr is free today...not sure about tomorrow...but it has some fun editing capabilities! Love these captures Daryl!

  3. well, how'd you expect after a weekend of labor camping!? my body is aching, i was all dusty & sweaty, broken nails... ain't fixing up an old house & yard grand? i'm in a desperate need of a nyc vacation...

    did manage a few chapters of lars keppler's the hypnotist, but why is it so hard to enjoy a good book without the to-do list kicking on my conscience?

    other than that your black and whites are cool. also, i wish i could pull off the lisa perry dress.

  4. Hey, that's a fantastic app. I've never really looked into iPhone apps but recently saw the results of a macro band and WOW I might not have to take out the Leica each time I want to Macro photo something. Fantastic, fantastic. :) Our weekend here was pretty quiet and English country and all that bucolic stuff. Oh,you know, sometimes I wish I had a video camera with me at all times. Saturday I was walking upstairs in the hall and all of the bedroom windows were open, when suddenly there were willow leaves blowing around me!?! A sudden squall picked up the leaves and blew them right thru the windows, right into the hall and spun them around me. It was so lovely I just had to stand there and feel them. Then I shut the windows because is started bucketing it down with rain. :)

  5. Oh I love those necklaces! I enjoyed seeing the day in B&W. Bummer on The Innocent. I haven't read it yet, but loved The Informationist. Now must look for the Fallen series....

  6. I love 'hueless'
    like in, she's so hueless

    love the Lisa Perry window

  7. I will have to check out the Hueless app. Very nice set of b/w photos. The store windows make me wish I was younger and slimmer and had someplace to go where I could wear those clothes.

  8. Nice pics, love the b&w.
    Btw, one should never have to say you are sorry for spending time reading! And I agree about the Stevens book. Good but not as great as the first.

  9. We had a nice quiet weekend with some rain for company. Went to lunch with my husband, that was nice.

  10. Laughing at Dianne's comment.
    Nice B&W photos, Daryl. I love the intermix window where you managed a selfie and someone else reflected. But my favorite has to be the chic female (no longer young) walking across the street with her hands behind her back, clutching what looks like a very small box...perhaps one of those necklaces as a surprise gift for a beloved daughter?
    Lots to think about.

  11. I'm going to have a B&W day real soon..Aimee had her camera set on dramatic for her pics of the tall ships, looked fabulous..I always forget I've got zillions of different effects to try out! I enjoyed your 'hueless' shots. You sure get through a lot of books when you're in the reading mood Daryl.

  12. I confess, I too have been shirking my duties to read. Though I find most novels leave me vaguely unsatisfied these days - or downright ticked off that I wasted so much time on them. Which does not, however, prevent me from loading up on more every time there's a library sale.

    LOVE the photos, especially the Lisa Perry window and the "chic woman" with her hands behind her back. What a great subject she is.

  13. Well, I didn't read anything. Wish I did :). Love the shots and I really love those necklaces. Ah...just remembered. We watched Major Crimes, first episode! Excellent.

  14. Daryl, wonderful adventure in B&W!
    Glad you had a good weekend! Or it sounded good to me!

  15. Mine was fine. Quiet. Met my sister and her daughters for lunch in Wilmington, which was fun. Love your b&w's.

  16. Love those boutique windows, and those necklaces too.
    Weekend was spent painting, but I'm almost done! xo.

  17. I so miss the city....sniff sniff Cannot wait to get there and just walk around and shoot photos! Glad you had a nice weekend and loving the shots, as always :)

  18. Love the black and white photos. Also, you've read more books here lately than I have in my adult life. Really.

  19. I really love all this black and white!

    Crazy busy weekend here with more birthday celebrations, overnight grandchildren, and getting ready for vacation...will not be around the web much for the next few weeks:(

  20. Just walking around town and taking photos! One of my favorite things to do! You got some great shots!


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