its black and white

i intended setting up my sunday post on saturday
 i really did
 i am still not sure
i forgot

 it was due to melted brain
 from the deep tissue massage saturday morning
 i pamper myself monthly 
 a massage at exhale spa
 i will not divulge the name of the person 
who turns me into limp spaghetti 


if i do you
 will all book him/her 
then i won't be able to get my special time

i will say that exhale is a wonderful spa 
go find your own fabulous masseuse

 you may recall
 how much i like wandering the upper eastside 
the boutiques always have great display windows
 that make wonderful photo ops

 i was in a black and white mood
 all of the photos i snapped 
were done with my iPhone
 using the hueless app 

none of them
 were edited 
no signatures to hunt

 none of this explains
 my lack of post on sunday 

i will admit
 to spending a lot of time reading again 

i wanted to just indulge
 i didnt want to think 
i find myself thinking 
when i read 
 who dunnit
  how it will turn out 

last week 
i read
  the innocent 
the second in a series by taylor stevens
 it required concentration
 it was not as good as her first book
the informationist

on friday
 i read the first in a series by lauren kate
its a teen series
 its really good

 i followed this up
 devil's bride
was truly a non thinker 
if you liked georgette hyers regency novels
 you'll love stephanie laurens'
 (what is it with these two first name authors?)

what distracted me
 from writing a blog post 

in any case
are the photos i took on saturday

 79th street 
broadway and west end


lisa perry's boutique window 

 intermix's monochrome window

 a chic woman waiting to cross east 79 street

she was waiting too

 this guy 
who wasnt with her 
biked right by

this isnt in b/w but i really am coveting them

so how was your weekend?