dog days

last week
 i zipped uptown
 to get a trim
 my 'bangs' were getting shaggy 
i am over the
 cut it short thing

 my hair cutter marked it up to
 'having a moment' 

 i am letting it grow a bit
  the 'bangs'
 really more of a side dippy thing 
was just too long


 on the trek
 through bazillion degree heat to the subway
 i passed
 this man and his two dogs 
 there's another one
 in the shade 
see him?

  i felt for them
 you can see that one there 
is panting a bit 
i bet
 he would have preferred 
to be indoors
 out in that sun

 i mean 


  1. Honey, I live in Hawaii, and can testify that there is no heat discomfort like NYC, Philly, Baldimore High Humidity HEAT!

    British consular staff used to get tropical pay for being posted to DC.

    I'll send you some Trade Winds!

    Cute doggies.
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Poor little furry buddies. Hopefully they live in a lovely air-conditioned home, or maybe there's a nice fountain they can hang out in for a while. :)

  3. Yes! In fact, I've spent the bulk of the week indoors. Looks like rain this morning -- hoping for some heat relief.

  4. It's hard for me to imagine two big dogs in a NYC apartment. That's why he's walking them in that heat, you know -- home is worse for them! ;)

    Miss you, Lady.

  5. Yes, they would have preferred being indoors, for sure. It's hot here too, but oddly I don't mind it. Of course I don't walk around with a fur coat on though...

  6. A bazillion degrees huh? That sounds fairly unpleasant...

  7. ...there are things dogs need to do outside despite the weather! Tell me about it?! Charlie & I are out 4 times per day & summer in S. FL is well...summer in S. FL, I know you guys are suffering for a few days....down here it's about 5 months! HOWEVER, when ur up to ur katodies in snow & ice...Charlie & I will be enjoying warm sunshine & fresh air once again! KEEP on TRUCKIN'

  8. weeks like these I am so happy we added central air to our home! especially with my mom, would be hard for her to breathe in this heat. I am always warm so never was a fan of humidity. I think we are going to get some well needed rain today.
    Whoo Hoo !! ☺

  9. Daryl, insides for us too! Our dog, Spencer, the Basset quite likes to lay in the sun. Even when it's up there, temp wise. He can't seem to get enough. The other day his fur was so hot one could hardly touch it. But he wasn't panting or showing any signs of heat distress. Still, we have been limiting his time out there.

  10. I am amazed you don't have a pooch of your own! You have such an insight for them-your pics are so great and you seem in tune...maybe a fluffy teeny pooch|?? Not sure how the kitties would feel about that though-or toonman for that matter! :)

  11. Yes! Any chance I get to "shade up," I do!

    Beautiful dogs!


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