water tower

i believe 
i posted
 another version
 of this tower 
a few months ago
i posted this one

 my brain is a sieve
its leaking badly

 i should be like my friend genie
 write everything down

 did i put 
paper and pen?


  1. a very well placed water tower = a lovely composition.
    ; )

  2. Great observation on the position of that tower and steeple!

  3. beautiful church! I can't find the pen or paper or remember to write it down!

  4. I can relate!! And.....you think I remember whether or not you posted that very same water tower??? Nope.

    It is a beautiful water tower!

  5. Oh, I so know what you mean.
    The good news is, if you did post it before, I forget!

  6. the tower nestles so nicely behind that amazing church

  7. I'm always writing things on little pieces of paper, and then of course...
    I forget what I did with the little pieces of paper.
    Why do I even have an iPhone if I don't make use of it?????
    Ah yes, I know. I tend to put it down in places here at home, and then forget where I put it. :-)

  8. I write everything down, but then, forget to look at my notes and lists again!

  9. I agree with Lily, this is a beautifully composed shot Daryl...whenever you took it :)

  10. Oh, Daryl, you are so sweet! Love the photo and enjoyed the accompanying text :). (Liked your Longfellow comment. It got us two on Google - learned a lot. Thank you.)

  11. If you have posted this, what I would have said in the comments is how much I love all the shapes (and their position/height/association with one another) .....the spire, the cross, the circular window and all the normal lines associated with buildings. Perfect.

  12. I kind of halfway remember it but that is okay. After 1700 posts I can't keep everything straight about what I've posted and not.

  13. That's a nice shot - well worth a rerun, if it is one.


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