water tower blather

its been horrifically hot here 
temps were up in the 90s
 for days
 sunday evening
 it poured
 oh my
 did it ever come down

 it was over cast and not much cooler on monday
 tho the sun
actually break through
 in the afternoon 

as i was heading home
 it started to cloud up again
 after paris
 i am finely tuned
 to looking up

 as i headed down 80th street
 i said a sort of prayer
 hey you up there
 please let me
 get down the block 
before the skies
 open up

 i made it with nano seconds to spare
 i pushed the door open
 the rain 


 toonman insisted
 no fans
air conditioning
 were needed

 after watching
 the killing 
a brooding drama set in soggy seattle
 i went to bed 
fell asleep quickly 
waking near dawn
under the sheet and cotton blanket 
 for the comforter
 i think toonman felt it too
 seconds later
 the cozy comforter was covering us both 

tuesday was 40 degrees cooler
 than its been
the air conditioning in my office
 is not on full blast
 i really dont like the cold air

that photo?

 i couldnt resist
 adding my name
 to what was
a blank billboard
at the intersection
west 72nd street
 at the cross roads
broadway and amsterdam avenue

i missed celebrating my sister's birthday here on the blog
 she had a major birthday tuesday
 it was a big one
 but she doesnt look her age
 so i am not going to tell you how old she turned

happy belated birthday little sister!


  1. Me too, Sis, me too (2 weeks or so)

    Nice sky and story

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. So you've had rain and we've had sun in soggy Seattle! Those water towers are standin' proud. I watched The Killing, too. It always rains in The Killing, have you noticed?

  3. Love the billboard! We're on season 2 of the Killing, catching up as we can. I'm glad I got out of the city before the rain, but I could have ditched the 90-degree days.

  4. We've had hot sunshine for a few days - wonderful!

  5. wishing a belated Happiest Birthday to your sister!

    Does that water tower have a cute funnel shaped roof? Great pic!

  6. ..and of course I picked the hottest day to go to Longwood Gardens! But loving this cooler weather.

    a nice little collection of water towers there.

  7. We watched all of the KIlling episodes and loved it. Did you just start to watch it?

  8. It was crazy here too, 90 degrees on Sat! Now temps are better. Great shot! I have to catch up on all your Paris travel blogs. I'm so behind!

  9. Haha! that is way cool Daryl, you should have your name up in lights :) It seems so weird that only a short while ago you guys were freezing and we here in Perth were the total opposite..and now here we go.. although I think our winter is probably not nearly as severe as yours, we've had 20C last couple of days..mostly cold early morning and evening.

  10. Ha ha! Love your name on the billboard, Daryl! (Actually, I missed it until I read the post!) I watched The Killing, too....it has actually "brightened" up some since Season One, and I'm not sure I watched much of Season Two. Definitely a sloggy experience, though. That last scene was horrifying, wasn't it? (I just took off the light quilt my husband had added to our summer bedding when the hot days of May turned very cold. We're into the high 70's and low 80's this week! Love it!)

  11. Your name is right where it should be! This is wonderful. & I'm so glad your little prayer was answered.
    ; ))

  12. your name on the billboard is so cool
    the photo feels like humidity, well done

    I want the AC on unless it's winter, I just can't seem to get comfy these days

  13. Billboard is perfect :)

    Toonman is a keeper ♥ I dislike humid & humid, only to walk into a freezing building. Makes me feel cold and wet.

    Weird weather everywhere!

  14. I lived in NYC from 1975-90 (Upper West side mostly), and I vividly remember those cooling-off deluges. I remember one, when I was leaving Chelsea and heading back to W. 110th Street (on foot). I let the rain drench me, and after my clothes had dried, I bought an ice cream cone.

  15. It cooled off quite a bit here too after nothing but drenching rains on Monday. It was down into the 50s last night and again tonight. This is June?

  16. Ah, I missed the billboard mod. I am no very observant am I. We are having a very cool spring. It was almost balmy at the convention we went to in Dallas. By now they are usually mid 90's or above but it was low 80's.

  17. LOVE the sky in this one.


  18. Great billboard. It's been unusually cold and rainy here - which suits me fine. I hate the heat, and "it's too wet to do yard work" is an excellent excuse for laziness.

  19. Great sleeping weather! But that rain...ugh!...flooded streets and I thought the sump pump in the basement was going to get up and leave from overwork. That is one cool shot...big smiles for that billboard!

  20. I do love reading your blog...! Weather is never just right for long period of time here in England...or NY?? :).

  21. Lucky you missed that rain. Can't believe how many posts I've missed here and hey, Happy Birthday to your sister. Woot!


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