water tower blather

its been horrifically hot here 
temps were up in the 90s
 for days
 sunday evening
 it poured
 oh my
 did it ever come down

 it was over cast and not much cooler on monday
 tho the sun
actually break through
 in the afternoon 

as i was heading home
 it started to cloud up again
 after paris
 i am finely tuned
 to looking up

 as i headed down 80th street
 i said a sort of prayer
 hey you up there
 please let me
 get down the block 
before the skies
 open up

 i made it with nano seconds to spare
 i pushed the door open
 the rain 


 toonman insisted
 no fans
air conditioning
 were needed

 after watching
 the killing 
a brooding drama set in soggy seattle
 i went to bed 
fell asleep quickly 
waking near dawn
under the sheet and cotton blanket 
 for the comforter
 i think toonman felt it too
 seconds later
 the cozy comforter was covering us both 

tuesday was 40 degrees cooler
 than its been
the air conditioning in my office
 is not on full blast
 i really dont like the cold air

that photo?

 i couldnt resist
 adding my name
 to what was
a blank billboard
at the intersection
west 72nd street
 at the cross roads
broadway and amsterdam avenue

i missed celebrating my sister's birthday here on the blog
 she had a major birthday tuesday
 it was a big one
 but she doesnt look her age
 so i am not going to tell you how old she turned

happy belated birthday little sister!