toonsday - big bro ...


  1. Oh, yes, Toonman, I can really relate to this. I remember the first time I used an electric typewriter...I was so impressed.
    The first phone I ever used? I was very small, so I stood on a chair, and lifted the receiver. Someone said "Operator" to which I replied, "This is Kay. I want to talk to Grandma." And the operator connected me. She knew my grandmother, and had heard about me.
    Long ago, and far away. Being watched by the government meant the city police said "Hello" and made sure we crossed the street safely.

  2. For better or worse, things are just different.
    What's a radio?????
    Just kidding, Toonman!
    Thank you for the Tuesday smiles.

  3. Yeah. Thank goodness all that was back in the olden days.


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