rent a ride

in paris
 where this was taken
 there are many many velib 'stations'
 you rent a bike
 use it for 30 minutes
 drop it off 
at any of the 1,800 velib stations in the city
 pick up another
 you can do this as many times a day as you like
 you only get to use each bike for 30 minutes
 thats not a bad deal
 for the sum of 1.70 Euros for the day
 you can buy a weekly pass for 8.00 Euros

read all about it here

here in nyc
 a similar a similar program 
began recently
 its called citibike
 there's a 45 min limit per bike 
you can drop off/pick up
as many times a day as you like for
24 hours
7 day pass

you can read about it here

of course 
here in nyc
 there's a lot of controversy

 people are whining
 about the bike stations
 being intrusive, 
taking up parking spaces, 
people who really dont know how to ride a bike in traffic 
one thing 
i agree with
 there's no 'rule'
 that one must wear a bike helmet 


 people who have no clue how to ride in traffic
 are out there
 without helmets

 i predict a lot of head injuries 

just sayin'