graffiti spotted on a wall in paris i forget where

 its not a typo
 you know what phishing is?

 its a nasty game
 played by thieves
 trying to get real info from you
credit card or bank info

 this past december
 i was gracious enough to purchase two flatscreen televisions for perfect strangers
 that was not phishing
 that was credit card theft

 american express
 cancelled my card
 issued me a new one
 i am going to assume
 no one was caught or sent to jail
 the names and i assume the addresses phone numbers involved were fake

imagine my susprise
 on a quiet thursday afternoon at the office
 when an email arrived
 from american airlines 
confirming two tickets from columbia to las vegas round trip

once again
 i am being generous to strangers

 i freaked out
 really i did
 i was panicked
 my personal card was compromised
 i realized
 my personal cards
 are not associated with my business email

i called our corporate travel guy
 gave him all the info
he contacted american airlines

 he called me back to tell me 
when he called american
 asking to verify ticket information
 the first thing
 the american rep said was
 let me guess, its for tickets from columbia to las vegas

he said
 how did you know that

she said
there is a big phishing trip happening today
 we've been getting calls about this all day

 i was asked to forward the email to an american airlines email address
while i was writing this post
 i got a reply
 thanking me 
reminding me
click links on/in suspicious emails 

 i am reminding you
click a link
call the airline
call the store
do not

 this boat 
 in the seine 
i thought it was sort of apropos 


  1. You're very generous with strangers ! ;-)
    For the Paris picture, it was raining for a long time and the Seine was very hight during your trip in France...
    Best regards,


  2. Beautiful photo of the Seine. Nifty graffiti. Terrible story.
    I have been afraid to do any online banking for a while now, and today, when Dick and Lindy went into the post office, I forgot to go across the street to the bank. Duh.

  3. Oh, this all makes me sooo nervous. My son had a bad credit card story....with a bad ending. Won't go there now.

  4. I pride myself on "refusing to click." ;-)

  5. Good public service ad with a sweet pic!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Thank goodness it wasn't your personal card. And very good, very sane advise. Everyone gets complacent at some point, and we do need to be reminded. Love the fish and the boat.

  7. Unbelievable!!
    Glad you were able to get it straightened out. xo.

  8. I got a confirmation letter from American Airlines that I had purchased 2 round-trip tickets from Columbia(which is weird as that's my home-town)to Dallas to Las Vegas for Larisa Semyonov and Nadezhda Zaytsev. To the tune of $1980.75. I immediately went to my bank and was thankful there was no activity.
    I was wondering if I should contact American...will you send me the email address you sent yours on to and I'll send the one I got? Though mine said it was from American,it was actually from

  9. I am very good at not clicking/not opening. But it's a good reminder to be vigilant.

  10. Advice well taken (the only thing I click is the delete button).

  11. excellent reminder!!!! thank you and I'm loving your photos from Paris, but I love all your photos actually xo

  12. I never EVER click a link in an e-mail unless it's from someone I know. Even then, I am suspicious and will not click unless something in the style of writing or the way they address me makes me absolutely certain it is not someone impersonating a friend. Good advice.

    Daryl, I sort of cribbed YOUR style (the centered sentences surrounding art) for my post today. I don't think you'll mind.

  13. Your photo is superb and your advice/reminder is most appreciated. Thank you!

  14. Daryl, i thought maybe you were past this thing. I hope it get sorted now that it's gone around again. I think we tend to think that the net is a friendly place, but there's a lot of nefarious stuff going on out there too! Too bad that always seems to be the case!

  15. There's something phishy in the state of New York...

    (Well, not just New York.) Anyway, lovely pictures.

  16. good lord, that's awful! feel free to let out a primal scream...i just had my own for other reasons but yours are entirely valid as well. we can form a banshee duet.

  17. OMG it's like a nightmare Daryl, that really is bad luck getting caught more than once. I'm absolutely paranoid about my details but these guys are so clever. I never click on strange links but it certainly doesn't do any harm to be reminded, merci beaucoup mon ami!

  18. Excellent advice! I was listening to a radio show this morning describing how easy it is to steal all kinds of info online....scary!


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