on the street

i took this
 on friday 
as i was walking 
to irving farms
 this entire weekend 
the skies
 have been threatening
 as of this writing
 thats all they've done

 i bussed across town to the eastside on saturday 
 had my monthly massage
i stopped into several of the madison avenue boutiques
 that are not represented
 here on the westside 
there was nothing
 i needed
 nothing that screamed out
 buy me 

a rarity
 believe me

 do you use instragram?
 have you tried the new video feature? 

i downloaded vine
 when it was introduced
i couldnt figure it out 
i know

there were no instructions
 as adroit as i am 
 technical stuff
 stumped me

 when i finally figured it out 
it crashed
 my iphone
 each time i tried
a video
 so now its history 

i was skeptical 
about instragram's video
 like a charm
 uploads without crashing
 saves a copy
 in my photo 'app'
 one shortcoming
 its not instragram's fault 
do not hop
 via the cloud/photo stream 
 imac iphoto

 i am hoping that when os7 lands in the fall
apple will have addressed this

 i am off to give Toonman a hair cut 

dont ask