water tower and a reading frenzy

a reading frenzy
 thats sort of what it feels like
dark places
i was going to cleanse my palette

 i decided on
 elly griffiths' 
ruth galloway series latest
  a room full of bones
  it was good
honestly its becoming a wee bit boiler plate

 i finished it
 something light
for sure

 mary kay andrews' 
spring fever 
 fit the bill 
while its as easy as a beach read
 its well written 

 the end seems pretty clear from the start
 the plot takes a few unexpected turns

 i opened
 karen thompson walker's the age of miracles

i read on my ipad
 i have both nook and kindle apps
 a huge library to choose from
 i read the new york times book review every sunday
 buying books based on reviews there 
as well as 
 the book review blogs

 i cant remember 
where i read about the age of miracles
 i settled into a story with a fascinating plot twist
 the rotation of the earth is slowing
no one knows why 
there's no way to stop it 
days lengthen by hours
we see what's happening
 through the eyes of teenaged girl
 living in california
 how the extended days and nights affect the people
 she knows
 as well as the rest of the world
 plays out

 from the way the julia, the teen narrator, tells the story
 i expected
 i am not sure
 what i expected
 but i kept expecting

 while a lot does happen
 the book wasnt at all what i expected when i began
 i honestly felt there was 
something building
 a denouement
 if you will 

 there wasn't
 in fact
 the last chapter
 related by julia in the 'present' 
was just more of the same
  i was disappointed
 it was well written
i would have
 put it down
 archived it

 at one point
 toonman asked me
 what it was about
 was it another fantasy?

not really
 i told him
 its sort of sci fi but not
i told him
 i think its setting something up

 at that point
 i was midway through the book
 i kept on

 in the end
was all it built to 
 it wasnt a bad book
 maybe if i had remembered what i read that got me to buy it
 i wouldnt have been disappointed

 what am i reading now?
 i have literally
  thick as thieves by peter speigelman 

 cant recall
 where i read about it
 i am hoping its as good as it started off 

 i can
where i spotted/shot
this water tower

its on Madison Avenue
68th Street


  1. Is that a cathedral in front Daryl, bet the round stained window looks fabulous from inside! I haven't tried reading on my iPad, must give it a go. Have you read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, I loved it..see what you think!

  2. Love today's tower duo! Congrats on your latest POTW :)

    from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  3. Nice...
    Best regards from cold and rainy Paris...


  4. I hate it when a book doesn't really go anywhere and that feeling of disappointment at the end. I love a good book, at the moment I'm reading 'The Lion' by Nelson DeMille.

  5. I'm also ready for some light reading,too...stress buster needed.
    Beautiful church, great pic

  6. I love reading and reading about what other people are reading.

  7. this is LOVELY Daryl. perfectly composed & the colors are perfect.

  8. Love this photo! I haven't been reading and I'm not sure why. I just don't seem to have the attention span that I used to have when I could get lost in a book.

    1. I've been that way for a few years and I hate it!

  9. You inspire me to read more. And also to expand my vocabulary. Had to double check on "denouement", couldn't remember what it meant. Gosh I miss my brain cells.

  10. It's almost like the water tower is competing with the spire.

  11. Love the photo! Bummer on the disappointment -- You didn't learn about Age of Miracles from me and now I'll cross it off my list. I haven't yet read Mary Kay Andrews, but I like that kind of fun, quick read every once in a while.

  12. Love this photograph, Daryl.
    You are inspiring me to get to some of those unopened books I have on Kindle!

  13. Love the church...very interesting. And then that cute little water tower tucked in back there. With that tiny touch of red from the light..charming.

  14. Daryl, such fun with books!
    Interesting church. Is it more than a church? I'm wondering about the section at the left.
    And a great tower!

  15. WOW ... the shot is perfect.
    So when do you find time to read
    and still keep up blogging, instagram,
    facebook..... I keep adding to my Kindle
    and Nook, but haven't found time to catch up
    on reading anything...

  16. ...and you have time to read plenty too! I am impressed. Another great photo too! Wonderful. I read using my Ipad too. I've got a '3' model and would be tempted to get a lighter mini. What do you have?

  17. Man, that is the worst ... to have invested yourself in a "good" book that strings you along and then disappoints in the end. I recently finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which was beautiful to read and unique in its story line, but ended so, so badly. Think Russian tragedy.

    Nice water tower though, and I love the church.

  18. I have the habit of finishing a book no matter what....I'm an optimist and believe that it will get better...but it usually doesn't if I'm not hooked earlier on. I have a backlog of 'real' books and on my Kindle....

  19. This is gorgeous my friend! Way behind on my visits but catching up today!

  20. How in the world do you ever do so much reading as well as keeping up with blogs?!! I am finally starting the sixth book of the Game of Thrones and haven't been able to do much else while I have been reading them:) I didn't have a computer for the past week so I did more reading books than usual:)


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