up a tree

i have issues 
with kids
 who climb trees

 trees are alive 
 grabbing onto limbs
 pulling one self up

 it looks great 

i worry
 about the tree

 how many times
 have you seen 
 walking in a park
 a branch
yank or break it off 

 i wonder
 how those people
 would feel 
if someone 
 their arm or leg or hair 

 i am a tree hugger 

wanna make something of it?


  1. My grandmother chased me out of many a tree when I was a kid, scolding me for the damage I might do. It made no sense to me at the time. And those branches were sooo inviting. But now that I'm about my grandmother's age, I do the chasing and scolding.

    Gorgeous photo!

  2. Agree totally! People swing from the hanging areal roots of banyan trees - I hate that!
    But I have it on good arboreal authority that trees adore being climbed by children - consider it fun and good luck. True!


  3. Looks like fun, but also a potential accident!

  4. I don't mind kids in trees, as long as it's a tree that can hold their weight and don't tear off branches... AND that their parents are nearby to get them to the hospital when they fall out and break their arms and legs....

  5. Kids will always climb trees I guess. That is a beautiful tree!

  6. I don't mind kids in trees, if it is a stout enough trees. What I mind are parents who let their kids pull up all the daffodils in a park and when I ask them about it say "Oh, those flowers don't belong to anyone."

  7. That tree is gorgeous! And, yes, people who just destroy living things for the hell of it are not my kind of people...

  8. I had visions of the apple trees from Wizard of Oz... wouldn't that be a hoot!

  9. Agreed, and I see this a lot too, especially in the local parks.
    This one is a beauty. xo.

  10. From one tree hugger to another, I hear ya. Sometimes it seems like respect for any living thing, besides themselves, matters very little to people. Sad.

  11. Daryl, I agree with you. Keep you hands off the trees. Around here they seem to get some perverse pleasure in breaking tree off at the ground. Younger, planted trees that is. In the park. I abhor senseless destruction of things.
    So stay off the trees and maybe it's less likely to be damaged!!
    Nice image though!

  12. Trees can be climbed so long as they are respected.

  13. When I was young, I could climb the tree in our yard higher than all of my brothers. I loved being in that tree. It was a sturdy one that I felt safe in. And I think it knew I loved it.
    I have issues with people who don't respect living things.

  14. I would never mess with you, I want to live!

  15. Well, move over 'cause I'm right up there hugging with you. I have a dogwood in the front yard (if you can call the 8 ft. of grass a yard) and it overhangs the sidewalk. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten home to find a branch over the sidewalk bent, broken, or void of flowers. Hate to say this but it's probably some idiot teenager on their way to or from the local school. Hmmmm, thanks for letting me vent! :)

  16. I hug trees but also climbed them as a child--but only on strong, sturdy branches that could hold me.

    This one is absolutely beautiful.

  17. Ha! I can understand that feeling. But I liked climbing trees and seeing the world from on high.

  18. I think trees like to be climbed, especially by kids who love them!

    Fabulous shot. When are you off to Paris?

  19. I like to think it is good for the tree...like resistance training it makes it stronger.

  20. Oh I do think they must love having children climbing on their strong branches! I hope so anyways! I always wanted a tree house to have a comfortable place to sit dream:)


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