sunday brunch american style

its hard to believe 
just a week ago yesterday
 i was with my friends
 having sunday brunch
 an american brunch
 at that 
in a cafe 
on the boulevard saint germain in the 5ème

 we'd met up with my friend and former blogger

 i know
 it will seem strange to many
 that there i was in paris
 a city known for its food
 having an american brunch
you see 
my idea
 of spending time in paris
 or anywhere in this world
 is to experience
 it like a native of that city
 so we did

we met outside notre dame
 wandered through the bird and flower market
heading off to brunch

 i will share photos of both notre dame and the birds
another day
here and over
 through my eyes 

genie speaks french extremely well
mary gets by
i needed
english menu

all the waiters in paris are adorable n'est pas?

oh yesterday
 i mistakenly
to the wrong blog
for the correct link to genie's blog

it was my brunch