water tower

took this in september 2012
 i know this
 the date 
the film
 the lens
 to every photo
 one needs
 to look

 i am still sad 
i am not in paris
 i have pulled up my big girl socks
 i am trying to wade out of self pity mode

 the good news
 my friend mary
 is on the mend
 we will reschedule
 i do not plan
 i am not going to do anything to jinx it 


  1. Awww Daryl! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend!!! I can only imagine how you must feel. Like Cloudia said...hang in there...you will get there!!! It is just postponed for a little while!! Hope your friend is feeling better.

  2. Daryl, I love it! The cotton candy clouds are wonderful!

  3. So sorry to hear of your friend...hope she is feeling better soon. I can, on your behalf, still say 'Well Damn!"
    Great photo!

  4. Crisp, colorful photo....may you eventually photograph the 'chateau d'eau' in Paris...

  5. why I have this sick, fatalistic idea that every trip will fall through. then I am so happy when it does not...lol

    let me count the water towers...

  6. Wonderful photo and good news about Mary. I look forward to a surprise posting to say you are in Paris or just got back :).

  7. Its water tower mania, three of them? At least.

    I'm bummed for you my friend.

  8. What an amazing picture, I love the colours! So glad to hear your friend is recovering. You will get to Paris!

  9. What.the...!! I need to go check your posts to see what happened! (See what ya get for taking a blog break!)

  10. Love the clouds! Sorry about your trip. But I have a feeling you'll get there soon :)

  11. Love the bright photo and hoping it brightens your mood. So glad Mary is feeling better.

  12. I am so much the same way about jinxes.
    lovely water tower today Daryl!

  13. I was going to ask about a change in plans, but I don't want to jinx anything, either! (I'm assuming you had plane tickets that are still valid.....)

  14. I saw you over at TexWisGirls and couldn't believe it
    so sorry
    feel better Mary
    glad your socks are up, you're good that way

    love the big fat pink cloud

  15. I'm so happy your friend is recovering Daryl, so sad for you not being in Paris right now..hopefully before too long oui!

  16. I am really glad that Mary is okay, and whenever you get there, I know it will be wonderful.

    Love the gorgeous colors in this. xo.

  17. always expect the unexpected....
    then you can be pleasantly surprised..

    nice shot... love the colors.

  18. Proud of you :) big girl :)

    Lots of towers and what was made to look like a sort of a thunder cloud? The thick white one...we have those down here.

  19. Cool pic! In the meantime, take your fab tote and fill it with something special for youself! This 'bump in the road' calls for a treat!

  20. Oh no! I was expecting some Paris instagramming this coming week! I do hope Mary is on the mend quickly. Hugs to you both!

  21. Finally linking up with all of my Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. Thanks for linking up! Can’t see what you post this Wednesday.



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