train of thought running local

 train of thought local
join me

 didnt feel like washing/drying my hair
 since it was just cut 
when its just cut
it does not like  
hot air blow drying

 it reacts

couldnt bear the thought
that energy

 it is not easy
 blow drying

 i could do better
a third arm

 without it

not easy

 i bet a lot of you will agree

 i took myself
 to my local salon
 to my friends 
 who gives the most amazing head massage

 i told nicole how much i have missed her 
massage one's head/scalp
 in the shower

 its exhausting

it takes a long time

 my skin gets that 
water logged look
'cause my skin is drier then the mojave

apres my hair indulgence
 i went into a little shop
 it seems the only way i am getting near paris
 for now
 is via a local boutique

i bought this missoni-ish cardigan
 in wonderful
 browns and golds

 a girl cant have enough cardigans
 they are a lifesaver
 for anyone
having hot flashes

a nice tank top under a cardigan
saved a friend of mine
 many times

never had hot flashes myself
wanted to kill people
 i know its hard to believe
 i met 

 my days of contemplating murder 
in the past

 just like this old shot
 glass towers

i played with in topaz labs
 til it turned into something
 i wouldnt be ashamed to claim

  i am on a building kick
 my obsessions
 this too will fade


  1. I enjoy blowdrying my hair, I do it every morning. Hot flashes are the pits.

  2. I want a head massage and a blowout!

    I've gone off HRT, cos I have been on it for years and they say you shouldn't, soooo.... But I tried once before and I was like you, I wanted to kill somebody, so I went back on, on a lower dose. *sigh* Cold turkey has got me on the run, as John Lennon sang!

  3. I got my hair done yesterday and I feel so much better. I don't do anything to my hair except dry the bangs a little so they don't hang flat against my forehead.
    Hey, if Paris doesn't work, you can always fly to SF and I'll come see you.

  4. I so love your train of thought posts...

  5. Oh...what a delightful free verse! Actually, I'm fascinated by the all-glass buildings---NYC is the only place where I can see one!

  6. All aboard your train-of thought! LOVE it-haven't had a chance to tell you how sorry I am your plans for Paris were put on hold..trusting it will happen and be even better than ever!
    Gloomy in Nebraska BUT I actually saw some little star flowers trying to pop up (of course not even buds yet, but I will take little patches of green where I can get them!)

  7. I am quite inept at blow drying my hair, and what's wrong with a little obsession anyway? Love the colors here.

  8. I hate drying my hair but it is way too thick to NOT dry....

    Great shot and effect....

  9. my old hairdresser used to do a wonderful scalp massage. now the new place does not do them but I think they all should and then promote it because it is a fabulous perk! great photo, as always!!

  10. I like all the geometric shapes you've cropped into this frame & the way the lights in the offices are peeking out. very nice.

  11. true confession i never blow dry my hair. when i had a c-section and the doc told me to blow dry the incision after a shower i had to go buy a blow dryer.

  12. Oh, I want to look in those office windows. And, yes, estrace is IT...LOL!

  13. I just cannot blowdry my hair, so I let it dry naturally, it goes all curly, then I use the straighteners on it..sounds like it might take ages but not so, do it at night, straightening takes less than ten mins, lasts three/ four days. I agree cardi's are fantastic, especially in autumn and spring. Love the pretty colour of your sky rise building Daryl.

  14. You do make me laugh. I start reading what you have to say, with no idea where you are going to take us...always amused :). Love it! Nice photo TOO!

  15. For some reason I've been on a building and tree kick of late.

  16. ...and that is why I have very short hair and never feel like killing anyone:)

    That cardigan sounds pretty...need a picture!


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