toonsday - the ear of the beholder ...


  1. We still love listening to our 'old' music. It brings back so many great memories. :)

  2. :-) :-)
    I'll just be that there's a whole lotta special things you see in each other!
    Thank you for the smiles Toonman!!!

  3. The tastes just evolve, that's all. Hopefully!

  4. I'd love to know what her tastes were like compared to yours and how those similarities and/or differences carry over into modern life together. I'm sure it would be a fascinating case study.

  5. I don't make fun of Sweetie's BeeGee's albums and she doesn't make fun of my Grand Funk Railroad.

    Thank goodness though that we tossed all that crap out.

  6. so funny & true! and this is how I feel when I look through some of my old photographs, I'm like, what was I thinking???


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