my sister asked
 did i want to go for a walk tomorrow

 i told her
i have other plans

 street fairs
 are beginning
to pop up on the uws

making me
 miss my friend wendy
a lot

i'd been thinking
there's no one to go wander with

have other plans
 made other plans
for today
i think 
i knew
 i would not want to go without her


  1. so sad - my heart goes out to you. Maybe take a walk in her memory?

  2. I hope you know I feel for you, and hold you in my prayers, but I have to tell you my first thought upon seeing your title to this. I thought you were referencing the possible elimination of my beloved Celtics by the New York Knicks this afternoon (Sunday). Of course, even a smidgen of thought would have dismissed that notion, as you have proven yourself time and again to have approximately zero interest in such things. Toonman, on the other hand, if I recall correctly, does enjoy the odd sporting event, and if he is a Knickerbockers fan, I will feel less angst this afternoon than I normally would have. Instead, I will feign happiness for him.

  3. Some things are just for a special friend and aren't the same without them. If I were there, I would love to wander with you and you could show me what you and Wendy enjoyed. Hugs.

  4. I would definitely wander with you and my sis, Denise at Autumn Sky. We could wander here too... but we would definietly need umbrellas today.... CUTE umbrellas!

  5. Sad words... in time you can go and just remember
    all the wonderful times you shared with her on
    those special walkabouts.

  6. My heart goes out to you D...we'll remember Wendy in a special way this month!

  7. So lovely, Daryl. (I am reading this on Tuesday.)

  8. I'm sorry you're sad. It's always so hard to lose a friend.

  9. I know exactly how you feel...I feel the same way about going to fairs and flea markets without my sister:(


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