my poor wallet

took this on saturday on 79th street looking east toward park avenue

its tough
 to think about
 collecting miles
for $$ spent
 when your mouth is sore 
having to eat 
 chew only on one
 side brush softly
 only on one side
down antibiotics
before taking two tylenol
so you can sleep

poor me

 wake in the middle of the night
 your hearing
you can hear a hairball
 being expelled
 a shut door

 have you heard about mary roach's book gulp?

 her description 
of food 
being swallowed
 (and expelled)
in cylindrical form
 is spot on



 harry spent the rest of the day
 going into the litter box
 to throw up

 i find that extremely civilized

 sunday morning
 i woke
 to the sound of retching

off to the vet we went
he's still there
poor guy
 has some intestinal blockage

 it will pass
 wont need surgery

our fabulous dr kaplan had the weekend off
dr li called and the man came in to do harry's sonogram
he really is the most wonderful man/doctor
he'll do a second tomorrow
 the foreign body
 humongous hairball
 will have passed

all this harry stuff
from my whining about my dental woes
now where was i?


  1. Ow. Poor you (much empathy re dental woes here). And poor Harry. Yes, the sound of a hairball being expelled is both unique and unpleasant...this too shall pass??

  2. Daryl, poor Harry! Hope he's okay. Glad he took your mind of your teeth! Geez I hate the dentist! ANY dentist!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. You & Harry are burning off some karma! Poor babies:(

  4. So sorry to hear that both you and Harry are under the weather...sending get well wishes to you both!

  5. Doesn't sound like a very nice weekend.
    It will get better...

  6. Oh no.
    Sending big hugs to Harry.
    I hope it's nothing serious.
    Sending big hugs to you too. xo.

  7. the poor kitty ....hope he and you are feeling much much better! I am looking forward to Saturday Hope we can still do the show! Have a GREAT day !!

  8. Oh poor you and poor Harry, hugs to you both. x

  9. Oh no, how miserable. My sympathies, and please share any one-sided eating tips. Seems I'm not done yet after all. Today was a lot worse than I was expecting - especially the part where he said I still need FOUR more visits. Remember that day I said I wanted to blow off the dentist and not go? Yeah, I should have...

    Want to run away with me?

    Feel better soon, both you and Harry!


  10. my brother has a cat that has projectile vomited its entire life! hopefully, in harry's case, it soon will pass (one way or the other). may your soreness gradually disappear into nothingness so you can get back to chomping!

  11. See, the hairball did you a favor, making you forget the tooth issue. Now when you figure out what the vet costs...

  12. Well I am with you there on whining about wallet woes...mine was just stolen. SIGH! Hope things turn around for you this week my friend.

  13. Harry is totally a civilized putty tat, I hope all goes well and it's something that can be easily coughed up :) Poor old you with your tooth stuff, there's nothing as bad as something that interferes with eating right!

  14. I love Mary Roach! I haven't read GULP yet but it's on my list. Poor Harry. And I've recently learned that I have some major dental work coming up too -- All that $$$$.

  15. Wishing Harry well. It's no fun being sick (especially when you're a kitty & can't tell anyone what's wrong). Definitely an issue that needs to be resolved though. Vomiting in the litter box happens a lot as a result of not being able to pass a good bm. Sweet boy...hope the vets work their magic & relieve him of his ills. For the first time in nearly six weeks, my fosters are not sick. It's a miracle. Hoping you & Harry both feel better very soon...xo

  16. Oh boy! What a time you have had...hope by the time you read this all is on the up and up for your poorly mouth and Harry's tum. Fingers crossed!

  17. I would take dental stuff any day over cat-hairball-expulsion!

  18. Your cat is a lot more polite than my 22 pound cranky Maine Coon.

  19. Good thoughts to you and Harry. And Ray. I'm sure Ray needs some good thoughts as well. xo

  20. Oh dear, you are having such a year:-(. Hoping Harry feels better soon. And of course, you too:-)

  21. Oh no - poor you. Hope your cat is feeling better.

    That shot is fabulous though!

  22. I love this street...
    Best regards from Paris,


  23. Oh my gosh, how awful. Having visited your vet's office, though, I know Harry is getting the best possible care. Hope you all are feeling better very soon.

  24. Our wallet has been feeling a bit abused lately as well. Seems like when financial things hit... they HIT, and all at once. This too shall pass. Get that mouth of yours well soon.

  25. Find the "gulp" part interesting...

    I know Harry is home now and feeling better :)

    I'm sorry about your dental woes. Having an issue with one of mine and
    dealing with next week.

    This street is gorgeous.


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