lying liars

 i walked past
 on my way

 the escalator
 in the times square subway station
 had been broken
 in mid december

 its broken more often then it works 

last nite toonman and i were discusing
 how the mta
 would do well
 to keep
 a repair person
 on staff 
on site

 after the beginning of 2013
blocked off 
 the broken escalator
 big blue wall
 that narrows
 the 36 step staircase 
so during rush hour
 going up or down the stairs 
is a slow process

 no one in new york 
 the premise
'stay to the right'

  that sign
 was recently revised
 'on or about 4/11/13'
 the original sign

 was that an april fool joke gone wrong?
 i doubt it
 the mta doesnt seem to have much of a sense of humor

 the walk to the working escalator at 42nd and 7th
 is quite a long walk
if you already have walked
 to this exit
 this sign

 is this
 we're having
 some of the country
 is still getting snow
 we're 20+ degrees warmer
 in nyc

 well here's a fact
 as far back as i can recall
 one week
 where the temps 
 the high 70s 
even the 80s

 everyone marvels
 at this arrival of summer temps

 the week ends
 colder temps
 that remain through the end of april 
am i
the only one
 who notices?