look ma, no hands

thats a rooftop at the cloisters
 up in fort tryon park
 a subway and bus ride
 from the uws

 took this
 the first time
 with my friend mary

  many of you
 have asked after her
sent her well wishes
she is indeed
 on the mend
 back at work

   i had nothing prepared here 
to share
 last evening
 (really right now, but not the right now you are in right now)
 i sat with lisa's excellent instructions
 a photo that needed nothing
  i like it 
i added
 a texture
 lisa shared with me 
called brest 

i messed up
 'brushed' away
too much
 i added pixel layer
 cloned it back!

 - look ma, no hands -

i didnt cry once!

have you fought photoshop and won?


  1. you fought a good battle and won! Lovely photo.
    Glad Mary is on the mend-

  2. glad your pal will be OK

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  3. Lovely texture work, very subtle.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your trip had to be postponed. I hope Mary recovers quickly and you are able to find a new time to go soon - and that the weather then will be far less cold and rainy than it's been lately!

  4. The texture is great. I haven't conquered Photoshop at all ... I should really make a go of it.

  5. Nice pic, You 1, PS 0. I haven't tried it yet. I have Corel Draw, way too complicated for me.

  6. The sky in the photograph looks painted. Interesting.

  7. Daryl, such fun playing with Photoshop. I think I enjoy that as much as I enjoy taking the shots!
    Glad to hear Mary is on the mend!

  8. Good news!!!!! I haven't taken that leap to mess around just yet. I will eventually :). Smashing shot.

  9. i have fought with photoshop and won by kicking it to the curb and never looking back :)

  10. I have a good relationship with Photoshop. But we're not sleeping together or anything.

  11. And I'll bet you didn't punch your screen either!
    It looks wonderful, Daryl.
    That bit of yellow in the texture really brings out the yellow in the vine.

    I absolutely love Photoshop, but you probably know that! :-)
    I won't say it came without "some" frustration (and crying) though, but it was so worth it. xo.

  12. with no hands, you did a fantastic job! bravo!! ;-)

  13. I have lost a few battles with Photoshop Elements. I can only imagine what a mees I could make with the full version...

  14. I have yet to purchase photoshop but this may be the year. I love the Cloisters museuam, the city has so many great ones. Lovely photo, as always!

  15. I don't know a thing about Photoshop but at first glance I could have sworn that was a honeysuckle plant. (It probably isn't but the white and yellow flowers certainly look like the wild honeysuckle that grows around here.)

    No matter what, I love the lines of the brick with the curves of the roof bridged by the wildness of the plant.

  16. yes I have, but now I hardly ever use it because I have gotten lazy.
    this is very pretty Daryl.

  17. Never. And is that honeysuckle growing at The Cloisters? Already?! Happy Spring!

  18. I play around alot with the different apps on my ipad and on my phone...but photoshop just made me totally crazy.

    Glad your friend is going to be ok!!

  19. Good heavens no, Photoshop is way too technical pour moi! But I do have 'play dates' with Picasa now and then:)

  20. I've been playing around with Photoshop but usually I end up preferring the original:)


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