digging it

this backhoe was digging on west 79th street

do you love google? 
i do
 search engine
a way to dig into info
as the parent of blogger
 that google
 i have lots of issues with
 yesterdays post
 that was
to post on the 24
 but posted on the 22 

i digress

 i was thinking of an old album
 an album
 those vinyl things 
you need
 an actual turntable
 to play
 i was drawing a blank
 on both 
the album name
 who the artist was
 his name
 was on the tip of my tongue
to make it to my brain
 try as i might
 i couldnt remember
 it came to me
 the artist is a drummer
he looks like bob hoskins

 i let that ferment a bit
 still nothing

 so i went to google
 i typed in
 drummer who looks like bob hoskins 


 phil collins

 come on
 admit it 
 was awesome
 he does look like hoskins

 itunes is so together
 it knew
 i already owned
 jacket not required

 i went to the music app
on my iphone
 there it was
 in the cloud

 my step daughter gave me a gift certificate to itunes for my birthday
 keeping your entire music library in the cloud
 is under $25 a year
 that way
 you can listen
 to any of your music 
it all being on your phone eating up memory

 so cool 

while i am typing
 i am listening
via earbud
 to a blast
 from the past
enjoying it while
 i work!