coco chanel

no new dog photos
 archives accessed
 coco chanel
 makes a repeat appearance

 you may recall
 i met her
polished beauty bar
 several months ago

 well here she is again

 i am fairly sure
 i didnt use
 back then
  if i did
 you can enjoy it a second time

 i spent yesterday afternoon
 at the periodontist
 fractured roots
 a lovely experience
 cost me
 beaucoup bucks

 told myself
 its miles
 i am 



  1. Why is that dog wearing my sweatshirt is what I want to know!

  2. Coco it! Gosh that sounds like an ordeal Daryl, What happens next, are you having an implant?
    Bt the way thanks for the info on water towers...apparently we do have them here but they're not out in the open like this...who knew!

  3. I love this dog's name. And sorry to hear about the bucks, but yes - it's getting more miles!

  4. Ouch! Hope you are not too uncomfortable now! Smart dressing Coco :).

  5. I'm lovin' Coco, she's so chic
    feel better
    hugs from me and Hope

  6. Ouch - hope you're feeling better.

  7. coco sweet, periodontist, not so much - and I always try to make myself feel better too by saying, 'oh, well! I'm getting miles' - it is the way, xo

  8. ouch .. miles or no miles that hurts
    in the mouth and pocketbook.

  9. Daryl, I love the little hoodie!
    Hope you got you dental issues sorted and can now have a great weekend!

  10. Coco is adorable!
    Hope you are feeling "good as new" today. xo

  11. very cute That is a french bulldog isn't it? They are quite the character! love the name, of course! hope you are having a great weekend!!

  12. Ah, yes, Chanel written all over her! LOL Knock on wood, I've been pretty lucky with the dentist. The last time I had a problem was about 5 years ago...had to have a tooth pulled a day before leaving for Mexico. I believe the root went right through my lower jaw , through my neck, and into my collar bone and I was awake through the entire thing. Afterwards the dentist said he should have never listened to me when I said not to put me out but putting me out would have been beaucoup bucks. I feel your pain...really! Hope you're feeling 100%!

  13. I don't know about your miles but the dog is cute with its hoodie on.

  14. Coco is need to help one get past painful procedures...

  15. Welcome back Coco....go away bad teeth issues, away with you!

  16. Sending you mouth sympathy. Really, Daryl, seeing a Coco Chanel in NYC just
    doesn't seem the same as seeing Coco Chanel, be it dog or haut couture in Paris!
    Just sayin'. o

  17. Yuck! I hope today finds you feeling totally recovered Daryl.

    & thanks for sharing Coco, ( ooh la la) she is so chic in her hoodie.

  18. At least you get miles? They don't do that here unfortunately. Still, small compensation for the pain and the bucks...

    I'll be thinking sympathetic thoughts about you when I'm in the dentist's chair tomorrow finally getting the crown that will hopefully be the last step in The Root Canal That Never Ends.

  19. ooh! Yikers on the dentist! and as for Coco-LOVE!


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