city daily photo theme day - pedestrians crossing

i am leaving for paris
 in the morning
 i wanted
 to participate
 in the
 city daily photo
 monthly theme
 april's theme
 pedestrians crossing

 i took this shot
 at the corner of 58th street and fifth avenue
 the week between christmas and new year
 this past december

 new york city
 hustle and bustle 

come the holidays
 the streets
 even more crowded
 who come to view the holiday windows 
as well as

 i wont be posting
 while i am away

 ten days in paris
 is a dream come true

 i plan
 on taking
 a ton and a half
of photos
 to share
 when i return 

 in the meanwhile 
so you dont miss me too much
 i have set up
 a slew of photos
 'post ahead'
 through my eyes
 if you crave a photo fix 
 over there
 (just know that i turned off the comments on those photos so that my gmail isnt swapped upon my return)

to see
the other city daily photo bloggers 

see you when i get back!