yes, it snowed again


 a dusting
 a shower
 for those
 who marched
 this year's
 st patrick's day parade

 it snowed
 on them
 the parade
 march 16
 march 17

 there's a half marathon
 i am not running

 i went for a massage 
over on the eastside
 on madison avenue
 it was a 9:45 appointment
 the buses
 were still running crosstown at that point
at 11:30 
when i left the spa
 totally relaxed
 the streets were all closed off 
the only way
 to get
 via 86th street
 i figured this would happen
 i would have walked uptown
 after my massage
 i stopped
 to get a glass of water
 the pre/post massage room
 very zen
 comfy chairs
 low tables
 a large table
water, tea, cups
 on its lower shelf
 two huge pieces

 i didnt notice
part of the wood
 sticking out

 it really hurt

my fipflop clad foot
 i had my glass of water
stopped at a boutique
a new
 new york 


 i got back
 to the westside 
popped into zabars
 walked home
 my foot really hurts

 upon inspection
 i found
 i can 
wiggle and bend
 my toes
 the middle toe
 swollen and turning colors

 i am still thinking
 its not broken
 i wouldnt be able to move it

 i refuse
 to believe
 it might be broken

 in 16 days
 i am going
 to be
 around paris
 i will not
 be dealing
 well i am not going to say it

 its just a bad bruise

 i hope i can wear shoes
 .. gah ... 

that photo
 is from
 the snow 
before this
 the photo has a green cast
 i thought it would be apropos for st patrick's day
 i am thinking
 a photo of my colorful toe 
would have sufficed

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Weekly Top Shot #74