water tower

i am
 pretty sure
 i posted this before
 from a different angle

 its across
 ditch plains
 83rd street
 it sits atop a building on amsterdam avenue

 someone i read
who blogs
was asking about music

 i replied
 i have eclectic taste
 music and movies

 for instance
 i loved
 towering inferno
 escape from new york
 john carter of mars

 for a really
 not so well
 it had a lot of 
 in fact
 during the first 30 minutes
 toonman and i played
 isnt that ....?

 as the credits rolled
 toonman said
 if i had been watching it alone
 i wouldnt have finished it'

 i said
 i liked it

 he said something like
in that voice
 that means
 god you have questionable taste

 but you know what?
 i have always
 'b' movies 

i grew up
 to the movies
 on saturday afternoon
 i watched

so scary
 i would
 race up
 the stairs
 to our apartment
 movie creature
 i'd seen
 escaped from the movie
 was after me

 john carter
 wasnt scary
 it was fun
 if you want escapist fun
 a really good cast
 you ask
 is in this?

 well lets see
 dominic west
willem dafoe
 bryan cranston
 ciaran hinds
 james purefoy
 thomas hayden church
 polly walker

get it from netflix

neither netfix or the producers of john carter have compensated me for this glowing review