outside zabars 
waiting impatiently
this little guy
to look at me
watching for his person to return


  1. Oh, yes, what a darling, and so faithfully waiting.
    I once had a dog that looked like this one. I used to tell her if she'd grow legs she could be a Golden Retriever.

  2. Oh sweet baby. He reminds me of a little dog who lived in my neighbourhood when I was in my early teens. He'd spend hours with me most summer days. His name was Rickity. Fond memories.. thanks.

  3. It is amazing how loyal dogs are. I guess people do what they have to do but I would never tie my dog up outside.

  4. Oh, they will be right back baby, don't you worry.....

  5. Great idea to shoot through the bike wheel. It conveys that feeling of separation and captivity the poor little guy is feeling. Nice!

  6. He's gorgeous. The loyalty of dogs always amazes me. I'm just reminded of a t-shirt I had years ago with French lettering on the front which translated to something like...my dog is more loyal than any man I've known. Hmmmm, how sad is that!

  7. Yes, he's definitely on the point for his master to return. Sweet - like the perspective through the spokes of the bike's wheel.

  8. Aw, what a cutie. Said this before, I know, but I lurve Zabars! When I was in NYC I spent many an hour perusing that store, buying all sorts of stuff & taking pictures. I'm sure people thought I'd lost my marbles. :)

  9. Hi Daryl,
    I've been gone for a while...disasters abound. But my hands are firmly holding down the fort and now I can catch up with you. Lovey, lovely little doggie. Now off to see what else I missed. Hugs :)

  10. Great shot, I like how the dog is so intensely focusing on where his/her companion is and not paying any attention to the photographer. Nice through the spokes shot, there's actually a lot going on in that photo, one of those shots that makes one pause and look around in the photo.

  11. he looks anxious
    and he's too close to the curb, hard for a car to see when parking
    sometimes I wish folks would just leave their pups at home
    or travel in pairs
    one shops, one stays with the pup

  12. I love that taken through the bike spokes. Wonderful!

  13. The spokes provide the perfect frame for this sweet little one.

  14. What a great puppy dog photo through the spokes of the bicycle wheel. I like it!


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