toonsday - when...?


  1. So funny! Snow blizzard over here!

  2. I've tried, Toonman, and the weather's answer to me came last night in the form of several inches of snow, and this morning with some of the worst freezing rain I've seen here in a long time. Supposedly, it will be a mess of slush tomorrow, but for now the weather and I are not on speaking terms.

    Thank you for the Tuesday smile. :-)

  3. Amen. Seven or eight inches on the ground here today, and still falling. Where's the change of seasons complaint department?

  4. Beautiful blue sky here, but there's still snow on the ground, and said ground is still frozen. Two more months before our weather knows it's Spring.

  5. Mother Nature is being ridiculous this year causing lethargy, depression, and the desire to never get out of bed if one can help it.

    At least I hope that's Mother Nature, otherwise I need to start an IV of Prozac. Or move to Florida.

  6. Exactly!! Still snowing up here. Bah hum bug.


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