i apologize 
sitting here thinking
what to post about
 i realized
 i have done nothing
  the various ailments

 it is

 no more 

did my regular beautification™ 
sunday morning
 washing drying my hair
 what a mess

 i was holding off 
getting a hair cut
 if it was longer-ish
 i could ponytail it
 in paris
 it got rained on

 its not long enough-ish
 it looks awful

 that it looked
 'brushed too much' 

 a hair cut
 will be happening
 before the trip

 i knew you were concerned
now you dont have to give
another thought 

 is an ongoing
 mental event 
narrowing down
 the options
is the top priority
 i am packing
rolling case
 that will fit
 in the overhead compartment

 also pointed out
 'you dont have to worry about what you wear, you can wash things out' 

 thank you
 who never travels

 after beautification™
 my friend cheryl and i hopped a cab to bergdorfs
 to finish spending my credit

 i managed to find
 a sweet pair of patterned skinny jeans
two black
 can one possibly have too many black sweaters?
 is a open weave
 which reminded me
of the crocheted sweaters
 my mother used to make
 i can't remember
 what they were called 
what the pattern was called
 the other
 vee necked
 it could be worn as mini dress with leggings
 tho i probably won't

 i still have a small credit
 for a tube of pricy lippie

we decided
 we were hungry
 really amps up the need for fuel
 we opted for fred's at barney's
 the chic restaurant in bergdorf
 a leisurely lunch
 by a visit to barney's newly re-done shoe department
 for me
 it was a photo op
 not only could i not try on shoes
i didnt see any shoes
 i would want to try on or own

 look at these 

if studs
 your thing
 might like these

studs were the style for every designer 
i dont think
 i will be purchasing
 any new shoes this spring
will you??