stand away from the closing doors

you know
 all about
 the wifi
 the waiting
 where to stand
 do you know
 about the doors?

 every subway car has 3 double doors

 you can hear
 the conductors
over the pa system
 as they instruct:

 stand away from the closing door
use all available doors to exit

 some subway cars
 to have
 door issues

 that must
 over and over and over
 they are all closed
 we can get on our way

 the door issues
 everyone must exit the train
 so it can be returned to the yard for repair

 when the happens
 the crowds on the platform
 are huge
 when the next train arrives
 a lot of people
 those waiting
 push in

 its like sardines
 ever see 
those photos
 the tokyo subways
 the men on the platform
 people into the cars?
  its like that

  the other morning
 there was a 3 minute wait 
for the subway
 the last car
 where i always ride
 was crowded
 it was barely 7 a.m.
 we got to 72nd street 
the doors
 people exited
 the doors closed
 the doors opened
 the doors closed
 the doors opened
 the doors closed

 a lot 
 new yorkers
the sounds 
the subtle clues

 sure enough
 the conductor informed us
 there were problems with the doors
 our patience was asked
 an express pulled in across the platform
 people leapt to their feet
 stood at the doors
 did not open

 the express
 a second or two
 it closed its doors
 left the station

we remained
inside the cars
 doors closed
 in a non moving train

 there was grumbling
 there was a lot of watch checking
everyone settled back down
it seemed to take forever
it was just another minute
 the conductor 

 due to difficulties with the doors

loud groans 

 we'll be going express to times square


 we weren't being turned out
 the platform
 to wait
 for another local or express

 i think
 that by then
were backing up
 along the route

getting us
 to times square
 would make up
 the lost time
get the trains back on schedule

 no really
 there is a schedule
 go ahead laugh 
but there is


  1. I don't know if I could handle the crowds, let alone the worry of whether the doors will work/or not

  2. Ahh, the joys of the subway. At times like that, I'm glad I'm retired.

  3. No laughter here.
    I can just imagine what it would be like there if even one train is off schedule. :-(

  4. OMG that would be like a nightmare to a claustrophobic like moi. I'd be the one running up and down the corridor yelling 'let me out, let me out' hahahaha! No seriously I would :) :)

  5. Turning that train into an express....WOW, the stars were alligned! I love these action shots!!!

  6. Oh sooooo many people! I'm not sure how I would deal with that.

  7. I don't like crowds. The London tube can be busy too. When I was in New York last year, I didn't find them too crowded - but then I didn't travel during rush hour.

  8. I so don't miss the big city life... most of the time. ;)

  9. Daryl, oh my, I imagine a great crush of people. Don't think I'd do well in those circumstances! Bravo to you for taking it in stride!

  10. Whew! Glad things kinda sorta worked out. New Yorkers must have more patience than anyone in the world!

  11. It's always nice to be packed on those platforms on an August afternoon. No?

  12. Your top photo is really good. Love it! Nice that you can vent the events of the day here with us :).

  13. I find all of this fascinating, you know. And I like that first shot in this post.

  14. Wow, you really have to be savvy to deal with all that. How would anybody else know all that? I love this post. You are the Pioneer Woman of Times Square.

  15. I particulary love the first picture....



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