playing with texture

i have been playing
 not so hot
 iphone photo

 i downloaded
 'skies laundry day' texture

do you know nancy and her beautiful blog?
click here

 pic monkey
 to introduce
 the texture
 the photo

 you are looking

do you play with textures?
 i have become

 a straight out of the camera gal
 i am attempting
 to see
 what textures
 less than passing grade photos 

on the whole
 i am pleased
 just stop
go back
 to posting
 real photos

 he's a video editor
 who has
 an editors eye 
everything in focus
 no bokeh
 no texture
 no 'spider web-y' effects 

i promise my paris photos will be pure
i promise to tell you all about my saturday with lisa gordon tomorrow