in the sun

if you were to sit there
 in the sun
you'd be comfortable
it was
 a day for less than a 
winter coat

 the air was 
 sun was shining
 not so much
 that ears didnt feel the cold after a while

  i did my weekly beautification rituals 
 a quick trip to the flea market
 a stop into tumi 
a shop
 that sells
 travel 'stuff'

 i needed a tote bag
 i have very exacting needs
 the bag must
 be it zipper, snap or magnet
 it must close
 it needs
 at least 
1 interior zippered pocket
 several slots or pouches
 a key hook would be nice
 its not a deal breaker
 the 'drop' 
from the strap to the top of the tote
needs to be long enough
 to accommodate a heavy winter coat 
outside pouches or pockets
 are also nice but not strictly necessary
black or red are the best colors
 in my opinion

 i found the perfect bag
 it fulfills all my requisites
 it wasnt a huge amount of money
  they also had a wallet 
that i think is perfect
 i needed to think about it

  i am 99% sure
 i am going to be traveling
 somewhere special
 fairly soon
 i dont want to jinx it
 so i am not sharing details

 you cant guess where
no hints
you'll find out soon enough


  1. I will keep my guess to myself...
    but one city name just jumps out
    when I think of where I would go.....

    I could sit on that bench and be very

  2. The sun is still here... You just have to wait warmer weather...
    Now enjoy the good light !


  3. be sitting there! But would probably require a tad bit warmer weather. I love B&W photos...almost more than color.

    I'm picky on purses and can't wait to know where you may be traveling!

  4. Love your litany of "must-haves"---your poetic narrative.

  5. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh. Travel!!

    I'm like you. I'm very picky about my bags and totes.

  6. I'm laughing. I have very exacting requirements for a lot of the stuff I want also.

    O come on, give us a hint!

  7. Oh go on tell us!

    Isn't it great when you find the perfect bag? :)

  8. I love the photo. Ah yes, Paris in the Springtime???? Ok, I will stop guessing.

  9. okay, check this page out:

    I have the town tote (I actually use it as my camera bag) in red. Love it! But they have several others as well.

    I have a feeling it's way down South!

  10. The picture looks sunny but not warm. Had it been warm there would probably be fannies sitting on those benches.

  11. Daryl, I love this shot! The effects are wonderful.
    It was a nice sunny day here yesterday, as it is today, two in a row, wow! Anyway, was going to say, I sat on our bench out front, in the sun. I was really really nice. I felt like a basking reptile, hehe!
    Glad you found your perfect tote!

  12. ....ready and waiting for you to tell all :). Lovely photo!

  13. you're so funny....i hope wherever you go, we get to see its beauty through your eyes....
    and we love Tumi....a lot....and have so many suitcases of theirs, but like you, i'm a very specific tote girl
    and the one you found must be super special !!

  14. Oh, I want to just sit on a bench and watch the world go by. I know I've said that before but I'm really needing that right about now. Love those benches. And the quest for the tote bag...I'm always on the hunt for the perfect tote bag, camera bag, wallet, etc. Can't wait to hear more about our trip. I say 'our' because I'm traveling vicariously through/with you. I know I'll have a blast...LOL

  15. i'm guessing some place sunny and warm.

  16. How awesome that you found a bag that was pretty much just what you were looking for! That rarely happens to me! I hope your trip becomes a reality!

  17. I hate having to wait to find out where to?! but I am also the same way in that I don't like to talk of things I am not completely sure about.
    : )

  18. I am going to guess Central Park for lack of a better idea, but there are so many lovely parks.


  19. I'm coming in late, so by the time I get to the last post I might know..but I won't peek until I make my way up there!! My main requirement for a bag is that it has to be... BIG!!


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