good times

 and jack
 made new friends
 this weekend

 we never did get out to take photos
 many photos were taken of the felines

 i am that bad a housekeeper
 fear not
 since this was taken
 toonman vacuumed

 a really nice day was spent talking
 going out to a late lunch early dinner
for the guys
 on the center of the universe
 (our big screen tv)
 lisa showed me
 doesnt have to make me cry

 all the edelsteins
are looking forward
 to time
 the gordons

and your weekend
 was it what you expected?


  1. I recognized that handsome face as soon as I saw him on Lisa's blog.

  2. Sweet ...

    I like photoshop and use that more than any other program.

  3. I've already commented on Lisa's blog post about how wonderful I think it is that you were able to spend time together!

  4. Oh gosh that photo melts my heart. Lucky you for being able to spend time with friends and to get some photoshop lessons.

  5. Look at that little sweetheart!
    It was a wonderful time, and I thank both of you so much.
    I am REALLY happy that PS does not make you cry anymore. :-)

  6. Coming from Lisa's blog. :) Your Harry is so adorable.
    Glad you and Lisa had a lovely time together.

  7. Purrrfect portrait of a contented pussy cat! Harry looks like he's lived here all his life Daryl. Oh I'm so envious of your upcoming visits to the Paris flea markets, they are the best. Trouble is getting your (my)big treasures home, especially as far away as Perth. Aimee bought the most beautiful antique beads while we were there and made a fabulous necklace when we got home. Not long now hey! Exciting much :)

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! What a gorgeous cat.

  9. Daryl, glad you had an enjoyable weekend!

  10. I saw Lisa's photo of Harry. So precious, just like this one. I'm really getting jealous of all the bloggers who are getting to meet you face to face! But happy at the same time. Sounds like a great weekend!!!

  11. My weekend was a drag and I wasn't expecting it, to tell the truth. Today was a hundred times better. I love that you had such a good visit. And I'm glad Jack stepped up and acted the model ~

  12. Saturday was great. Sunday it snowed. I'm so ready for warm weather.

    Glad you had a nice visit, sounds wonderful. Especially the eating out part!

  13. How fun for you both! Someday I'd love to meet Lisa ... love her work!

  14. Your cats are going to want royalties you keep this up.

  15. Those cats are becoming quite well-known. For those who haven't met them in person, I can testify to the cats being fabulously entertaining.

  16. that cat looks blissfully relaxed. aaaahhhhhh


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