waiting for inspiration

so the terrible storms
 didnt reach new york city
 i feel for those 
who did get hit
 i am not sorry it missed us

 the drizzle of saturday
 my glasses 
 wiper blades

 our harry is a very sensitive boy
 a scavenger 
with a fragile tummy 
we went 
 litter box cowpies
 what looked like chocolate syrup
 smelled like rotting sewage
 i do not exaggerate
 only a little

 after two days of this
 he and i went to the vet 
friday late afternoon

 he's a big boy
 11.75 lbs 
he is not easy to carry
he does gymnastics in the carrier
 he behaved nicely for dr mohr 
she asked for a sample 
of his poop
 to see
 what is causing
 his stinky poop distress 
he was nice enough to accommodate
 shortly after we got home 
saturday morning in the misty drizzle 
i walked the poop to the vet

sunday beautification at polished 
zoya's pixie dust in vespa on the fingernails
 toes are zoya neely

a visit to zabars for munchies
home to toonman and the cats
 i sat down at the computer
 trying to think of something to post about
i am still waiting for inspiration to hit
here's a photo i call
under the canopy