virgin no more


 can you imagine living with a video editor?
 trust me
 you can't

 i have long stayed far away from video
 my love is still photography
i shoot something that moves
 it blurs
 that's my experience 
moving pictures
 until now

i lie

 twice in the past
 i used the video camera on my iphone 4 
but i never shared it


i did share one
 a very brief pathetic selfie 'singing' 

those who know me
 know why
 is in quotes

 it was part of a video
 put together to give a sick friend a smile
so technically it doesn't count


 one morning
 harry was playing with a toy
 he especially likes to chew
 on the floor
 beside the scratching post
 now normally
 i would be all
 ooh aren't you adorable
go back to whatever
that morning
 i decided to make a video of his antics
 when i was done
 i wanted to share it

 let me tell you how hard it is to export a video from an iphone
 there are three options 
 too big
 did i want to send a clip
 no i did not

 too long
 wanna select a smaller clip
 no i do not 

just right
 so i do

 who is a video editor in real life
 got involved

 i googled
 get this video off this fucking phone and into imovie please so my husband can help 

guess what?
 a tutorial
even instruction reading phobic me 
could follow
 it worked
 easy peasy
 does not like my computer OS interface
 he opted to stay in the land of OS 10.6 
while i am in 10.8 
we plugged my iphone into his imac
 added some music 
a little editing 
here it is
my debut video

some would say
 i pulled
 a tom sawyer or is it a huck finn?


  1. He's a hoot and a half. So fun to see him and his adorable antics. Yay you!

  2. Wow, music and everything! I'm impressed.

    Harry's adorable. I can see how you were inspired to try video. Good job!

  3. Adorable antics ...and a great debut video.!!

  4. your first professional video! You had the perfect subject matter - one that poses for the camera. Harry is beautiful and so playful!

  5. This is awesome D!!! Absolutely awesome!! I love it!! Harry sure had FUN and he's a natural at pole dancing!! xo Jeanne

  6. Wow. Go you! Magic Harry with the laser eyes is very cool. Funny what comes up in the end on YouTube. Sexy Cougar pranks and the like. Ha!!

  7. Ahhhh! He has the laser eyes! Hehehe super cute:)

  8. OMG, he is absolutely adorable, Daryl.
    What a great video, and thanks for sharing it here!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  9. Good for you!! One of the reasons I like having my new iPhone instead of my former Droid phone is because I can just plug it in to my iMac and import videos. Easy!! Thanks for sharing:-)

  10. Bravo! I love how the camera captures her glowing eyes. thanks for sharing Daryl, made me smile!

  11. very good video my dear! what an adorable little pal....I really do need to get one especially to keep my mom company when I go to the city for the day! Have a great rest of your Sunday!

  12. I think the video is great, especially for your first attempt. I like the bouncy porn music.

  13. Excellent! And I just wrote tomorrow's blog post where I talk about wanting to dabble in video too. However, I don't have an i-phone so I might resort to the old fashioned video cam. If I can ever figure out how to work it.

  14. Daryl, great vid! I'm still a still purist!

  15. Well done Daryl, you have created a new youtube sensation, This is one of the things I love about cats, they make their own fun!! Looooooooove the wooden floors.

  16. Fun!!! You did well and the toy was a definitely a winner.

  17. OK, you know I love Harry, so no further comment concerning him. I do have a question, though. What is the music? I love it. As a bass player, I'm a sucker for those rock-steady funky sort of lines.

  18. I say, 'I watched it and what amazing eyes Harry has :).' Well done!

  19. Now you have to join Vine:)

    I am in love with Harry...stinky or not:)


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