took an iphone photo of taxi cabs on 42nd street
one rainy morning
the reflections 
of the headlights 
on the slick street
 the way 
the shop lights
 were popping
 in the still 
darkness of a morning
 without sun

 when i got my new iphone
i needed a case
 i went
 to my
 'go to' 
 to get the same case 
i had for the iphone 4 
it was no longer available
 none of the other artist designs 

 i remembered
 the very new york feel of the taxi photo
 it wasn't as wonderful as the memory
 played with it in topaz labs simplify
 the best fix
 in my opinion 
for photos
that weren't
 all that and a bag of chips

 hit it with a bit of buzzsim
 i don't know what 
buzzsim is 

i should google it 
(i did ... google has no idea what it means)

i do know 
i like the effect
 i liked 
what it did 
to the wet street
the lights

 has a very easy peasy way of uploading your photo
 a template
 for making it fit

 i ordered it
 a water tower shot in monochrome
 i would decide
 which one
 to would use 
when they arrived
  it took less time than expected 
tried out 
the water tower cover 
 the taxi 
the taxi
 the water color feel
 love the whole distortion

now i have
 an extra cover
 for an iphone 5
see the thingie on the right sidebar?
the follower counter?

i never expected to have even 5 followers 
445 really is something
i feel optimistic 
when my followers reach 450
a drawing will be held
i will be giving it away
stay tuned!


  1. That iconic shot of taxis on a rainy morning boulevard really speaks to my memories of the City.

    Congrats on this always enjoyable blog.

    Wishing YOU
    a happy weekend, with Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Great picture...
    A NYC's emblematic one !
    I hope to be able to visit it oneday...
    Best regards from Paris,


  3. the perfect shot for a phone cover!
    I like the water tower one too, but it doesn't Pop! like the taxi cover:)

  4. LOVE these cases, Daryl.
    Unfortunately my "case" is pretty plain, because Mophie arrived yesterday!!! :-)
    Seemed like forever for them to have one available for the iPhone 5.
    Happy day to you!

  5. I LOVE this shot with all it's colors. It's got great attitude that sends off happy vibes! (Even if it is a rain shot)

    1. oh, and BTW...congrats on the number of followers! that's quite an achievement...hi-5! i'm excited that i'm reaching 30! :-)

  6. Oh I love this shot, It has such a great feel to it, transports me straight to lovely rainy days (although we don't have such a plentiful supply of taxi's here!). I wish I could get cool phone covers like this for my HTC, but i never seem to find exciting ones...

  7. Love, love this photo. It is NYC for me. And that is a cool, cool cover. How clever.

  8. OMG...I love both cases! Very cool! Congrats on the approaching 450! I have a post coming up on my 101...LOL...and I never expected that! Have a vaca day today but taking care of family. Hopefully I will have time to play with the camera tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. It has to be the rainy day taxi cabs Daryl, it just screams NYC and looks absabloominfabulous!! You would make a fortune if they were available to buy I betcha!

  10. Love the taxi shot - superb! I haven't got an iphone.

  11. fabulous!! both winners!! I do think the rainy day cab suits your energy!!! xoxo

  12. Daryl, Love this shot and the way it came out for your cover! The tower one is very cool too!

  13. Now that I know I don't need new glasses (just joking), I love your photo. Really classy and so NYC. Keep them coming.

  14. You are lucky that you have the Iphone because I have had such issues finding a cool one for my Samsung Galaxy. After I "finally" ordered two on ebay, was looking at some that put a photo on it as you did which is soo cool, guess what? I win a personalized one on a blog! Too funny as haven't won anything in ages...cannot wait to get it in a few weeks time. Love your photo of the cabs and you will hit 450 soon because your blog is GREAT as is you!!

  15. A very impressionistic picture of those cabs.

  16. Those are so cool! You find the most awesome things my friend!

  17. Those covers are fabulous. Great job.

    Great job too on 450 followers. I'll never forget my son saying, when we visited you in December, as we pulled up your blog so he could see, "Wow. She's a real, big-time blogger." (He said something similar about Kate too.)

    The Not So Real, Definitely Not At All Big Time Blogger--But I Know What He's Saying And He's Right

    p.s. We're in Georgetown this weekend. We're having flashbacks (good ones) to our NYC visit except I actually know where I'm going since I lived on these outskirts for almost 13 years.

  18. Very cool idea, making a cover from your own photo. I have one of those big ugly Otterbox cases because I so often have my phone in the pocket of my jeans, or a vest pocket when I'm riding my horse. I would rather be safe than sorry, so coolness has to be set aside.

  19. How fun! Now I'm wondering about my boring and clunky iP5 cover.

    1. I didn't realize I wasn't following on Friend Connect (I follow through my Google Reader). So now only 4 more to go.


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