standing on the corner

watching as world goes by 
look up 
see that tower/tank?
 taken that way to remember where i was

no harry or jack stories
i realized that recently
 this blog
 has featured
 more cat posts
it has
 its inception
i suspect 
if gus and/or rose were still alive
 they'd feel slighted

you know
 i upgraded from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5
i did the upgrade myself
 where i read
 it would take 2-3 hours to get the new phone activated
 it actually took a lot more than that
 a lot more
 at one point 
the old nor the new phone

well when the new bill arrived last night
 i was floored
i love the 47 cents 

i call at&t 
ask for an explanation

well, day-rill 
 the definitely not english as a first language 'agent' 
i will explain it to you
how are you today?

oh silly woman
 i think
 why did you ask me a leading question?

i tell her
 i am not happy
 i doubt
 you can resolve this 
 i am willing to give you a chance

she thanked me 
launching into a sing-song recitation of my plan
 i cut her off
 i dont want you to explain my plan to me
 i want you to explain the $36 'one time charge for upgrading'

she hesitates 
she learns quickly i think

i jump into her silence

 i am not paying that $36
 i say
 this is unacceptable

 she quickly chimes
 in its a fee for activating your new phone

 i say
 no one activated my phone
 i did it all online 
it took 17 hours
i am not paying this 

yes, day-rill we will deduct that from the bill

i continue
 these other 'surcharges and other fees'' they are related to the $36 fee?

yes, day-rill they are

i am not paying them either

there is silence so i press on

my monthly bill is $65
i will be sending you $65
there will be no interest 
no penalty 
 be sure to indicate that
i will be back

there's more silence

i ask her name again
she replies
adding how else may i be of service?

i tell her
 remove those fees,
 make the note about no penalty
 have a good day


  1. gosh, i would have gone ballistic if that happened to me...

  2. Oh, boy....that's like the time I sent my mother flowers online. I did not see (but with a microscope saw it later when I went back to check) the itty-bitty text with a box that you UNCLICK to not subscribe to their whatever-the-heck-it-was fee of $19.95 A MONTH!! The site was ProFlowers. NEVER BUY FROM THEM. I googled and they have scores of complaints. The happy ending is that I got my two 'monthly fees' removed.

  3. UGH. That kind of thing leads me to drink. But I like your new name, Day-Rill. :p

  4. I love Day-Rill !!!
    it's so melodic yet fierce, like a glamorous superhero

  5. Boy, you are tough! Lol

    Love the pic too, btw.

  6. Well done Daryl, a lot of people would have just paid the extra. These days you have to question most things, and be ready with your arguments' especially with phone co's!

  7. Don't mess with a woman who just spent 17 hours activating her own phone!! Why is my monthly bill higher than yours? Hmmmm....I must dig into that. And you have a nice day too:-)

  8. Talk about cutting to the chase way to go Daryl!

  9. I wish I could have listened to your side of the conversation! You go, girl!

  10. What a star! Great story and you tell it so well :).

  11. Nicely handled, and I am very surprised they agreed to deduct the fee.
    I did not do my iPhone on my own, but in doing another one they added the activation fee, and would not remove it. Next time, I'll just have you call for me! :-) :-)
    Hope you're having a great day!

  12. Daryl, geez! I hope your tirade works! These companies are crazy with their fees and charges!
    The money involved in this whole issue staggers the imagination.

  13. Grrrr...I've had that same conversation too many times. I hope that took care of it for you!

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  15. I applaud you, Day-rill. Lots of folks just roll over for that sort of crap and that's why they do it. You and MY WIFE are both bulldogs. Grrrrrr!

  16. My blood pressure rose just reading this. I HATE cell phone companies...hate them (cable companies come in a very close 2nd)! You don't know how many times I've hung up on the edge of having a heart attack.

  17. My kids would be dying laughing if they saw/heard this exchange. They're so used to their mother being timid and dancing around issues. Your ability to be direct and forthright is a skill I wish I had. Alas, I have no backbone.

    Also, great photo.

  18. Well done! I've learned that you have to examine each and every bill any more since these companies are pretty sneaky about all their charges. Many have a tendency to be lazy about their statements...I'm in awe of those who NEVER really look at fees/charges. Come on! And, if you don't ask, you don't get.

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  20. Nice photo!
    You handled that complaint like a pro. If you let them push you around, they will. My wife is a lot better at that than I am.

  21. Good for you! I too saw the activation fee (which I did myself when I got my iphone 5 ... and by the way, did not take very long at all ... went to the Mac store!) Thought the fees were atrocious but didn't make the call. Guess now I should have!


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