standing on the corner

watching as world goes by 
look up 
see that tower/tank?
 taken that way to remember where i was

no harry or jack stories
i realized that recently
 this blog
 has featured
 more cat posts
it has
 its inception
i suspect 
if gus and/or rose were still alive
 they'd feel slighted

you know
 i upgraded from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5
i did the upgrade myself
 where i read
 it would take 2-3 hours to get the new phone activated
 it actually took a lot more than that
 a lot more
 at one point 
the old nor the new phone

well when the new bill arrived last night
 i was floored
i love the 47 cents 

i call at&t 
ask for an explanation

well, day-rill 
 the definitely not english as a first language 'agent' 
i will explain it to you
how are you today?

oh silly woman
 i think
 why did you ask me a leading question?

i tell her
 i am not happy
 i doubt
 you can resolve this 
 i am willing to give you a chance

she thanked me 
launching into a sing-song recitation of my plan
 i cut her off
 i dont want you to explain my plan to me
 i want you to explain the $36 'one time charge for upgrading'

she hesitates 
she learns quickly i think

i jump into her silence

 i am not paying that $36
 i say
 this is unacceptable

 she quickly chimes
 in its a fee for activating your new phone

 i say
 no one activated my phone
 i did it all online 
it took 17 hours
i am not paying this 

yes, day-rill we will deduct that from the bill

i continue
 these other 'surcharges and other fees'' they are related to the $36 fee?

yes, day-rill they are

i am not paying them either

there is silence so i press on

my monthly bill is $65
i will be sending you $65
there will be no interest 
no penalty 
 be sure to indicate that
i will be back

there's more silence

i ask her name again
she replies
adding how else may i be of service?

i tell her
 remove those fees,
 make the note about no penalty
 have a good day