photos and blather

 this weekend brought the first real snow of winter 
blew into town
 bringing with it jim sullivan and HIS WIFE
 more about that in a sec 

when i left the office friday at 2ish
 it had just begun to snow

we spent the night
 cozy on the couch
the cats
 catch up tv
 shows recorded earlier in the week

 was fun
 i dont know what that critic from the ny times
 has stuck up his butt 
over this show
 if you've not watched it
 wondered if you should
watch it
watch it
 ignore that ass

 after my amex angst
 i went out a wandering
 the 'hood

riverside park sledders

looked up
 to see 
 swoop onto that branch
 of course 
i didnt have my big lens 

 i walked up to broadway 
lots of snow shoveling

on sunday
 jim sullivan
 who is known to many
 as the blogger suldog 
i have long looked forward to meeting
 in person

he is a handsome irishman

ignore all that distracting crap in the background

mugging for the camera
men in caps

 back when david mcmahon was blogging
 he cited suldog's post
 as a post of the day
 i read it 
left a comment 
 are you single?, i have a sister!
he said 
he was married
 he didnt have a brother

 we've been friends ever since 

he told me they were coming to nyc
we made plans to break bread

 we took
 suldog and HIS WIFE
 ditch plains
 we had breakfast for lunch
adult beverages
 lots of funny stories
 we felt
we'd known


toonman, me, the surfing video, suldog, and suldog's WIFE
booth it at ditch plains