life is tough

this photo
really has nothing to do
with the title of this post
the early morning sky caught my eye
the light was so soft
the image needed balance
i played
it feels better


i ordered
a pair
Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's leggings 
so cool looking
charcoal grey with a black tuxedo stripe 

 (image stolen from

they arrived
 i felt like the winner on biggest loser 
they were gigantic
 two of me would have fit in them

 what size did i order?


a friend has them in small
 she's small
 so i thought 
with my long legs
 i would need a large 

i went to the website
 to return the pair i got
to purchase a pair in medium
they're sold out
 in grey/black
red ones

(image stolen from

 are not me
 not at all 

the sizing is weird 
they come
extra small
 large (which is gigantic)
 extra large
 which i assume
 is meant for conjoined twins
 i mean 
 who is

no way would x-small fit
medium is sold out
i am sure that they're still available in a kohl's store
there is no kohl's here on the island of manhattan
life is tough