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A Home for Levi and Silvie

This pair is so bonded, one probably won’t survive without the other – literally. Silvie was in a world of hurt and depression when the Animal Protection League of New Jersey took her in. So much so, she had to be fed with a syringe and an I.V. to stay alive. But then Levi came into her world. This super shy girl who hesitates at human touch finally found a feline friend.
Almost immediately, Silvie perked up. Levi seemed just as smitten with his new, little shadow. The two curl up around each other like a yin yang symbol, sometimes even lying on top of each other just to have enough room for the two of them inside their cozy bed! When roaming free around their foster home, Silvie stays close to Levi’s side.
Unfortunately, Levi’s love for cozying up to people (after he gets used to them) hasn’t rubbed off on Silvie. While Levi will greet you at the door and purr for belly rubs, Silvie is much more of a cat’s cat. She has the personality of a gentle barn cat, but because she’s so dependent on Levi – he did, after all, save her life – the two really hope to find a family understanding enough to adopt their little family together. They’re currently living in the basement of their foster home in Budd Lake, New Jersey, but would love a home where they had a little more room.
Both cats are three years old, spayed/neutered and perfectly healthy.
If you would like to make Levi’s and Silvie’s dream come true, please contact Michelle Lerner, at (973) 584-5890 or email her

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