i want
 of this year
 my birthday

 shall i list the reasons why?

watch running 15 minutes slow, had it repaired 
in under a week
running 15 minutes slow

fractured a tooth's root
 a very expensive
 i am still reeling over how much it cost 
how uncomfortable it was while it healed

a friend died

 two strange charges against my american express card
of all places
 wal-mart dot com

 dont get me wrong
 i am not a 1 percenter 
 i have
 in my life 
 at wal-mart 
neither in person or on-line

 two charges
 totaling over $500
 made on christmas day and new year's day
 were definitely not mine

i disputed the charges

lazing around 
did i want to get dressed
 have another cup of coffee
opted to
check home email
two messages from american express
 i logged into my account
 via the internet 

 log into a link 
 if it is from a company
 you trust 

i accessed the messages
the dispute(s) were resolved 

i went ballistic

 amex was 
going to refund my money
 they had proof of purchase(s)

 i looked at the supplied proof 
my anger escalated several notches
two hdtvs

 janet hill of jamaica queens or philippe plummer of fairport ny
now i know where you live
 how to reach you
stupid people 
 so does amex's fraud department 
 were contacted immediately

 they refunded my money
 issued me a new card

amex will now pursue and prosecute 
whoever used my card

 i really 
 to call
 these people
i have their phone numbers
they were
 the ship portion of the receipt
wal-mart provided as proof of purchase
tell them
 they are going to jail


gonna pull up
big girl pants
let it go!


  1. Oh dear! A re-do's in order! I'd probably call up those credit card stealing low life's and scream at them like a crazy lady...GAW, the nerve of people these days! Glad you got it taken care of though!

    That pic of the little green sled makes me want to go sledding!

  2. yes, you do need a do-over...and isn't awful the things people do fraudulently?
    Someone from India made over $600 in charges on my husband's card this past week - and it is going to take 45 days to dispute the case and settle it. Arghhh! is a good word.Hackers are running rampant right now. Oh, you have never missed a single thing by not shopping at Wally World. Not one thing:)

  3. And to think that February is not yet half over.

  4. I would have gone INSANE D! I mean totally ballistic!! My daughter had a similar experience just recently with Chase. As it happened, she was purchasing her wedding dress...fortunately...the dispute worked out in her favor and the wedding dress has now arrived and is in my closet for safekeeping until April...when it will go for alterations. I don't know what on earth is wrong with people these days...they just think they can go and DO that to somebody!!! It makes me totally NUTS!~!! Sooo glad that you got it all worked out.

  5. Oh my...proud of you. Not sure I could remain so calm knowing who they are!!

    I think you need to go visit Lauren in TN :)

    The photo is SO it xoxo

  6. ARGHHHHHHHHH I'm so sorry about credit cards. And the way the year is shaping up.

  7. Can Amex provide a redo?
    From experience, I am betting that the listed people never received the tv's and are totally innocent. I hate crooks!

  8. a rewind would be nice......

    Glad that Amex finally got it right.

  9. Oh Daryl, I can feel your frustration wayyyyyy out here on the other coast. Amex needs to step up their fraud alert department.

  10. I declare a doOVER! omg you poor woman! how sucky.
    all I can offer is, don't quit before the miracle & when things are really bad it's a sign that something really good is about to happen.
    I hope I hope.

  11. Bad. My son had something similar happen. His card was 'borrowed' (photocopied, God knows what) in Greece and 'he' bought 25 tickets to some rock concert in Norway.... Issue still unresolved, since the US Bank people say he declared the 'borrowing' too late. DO NOT EVER USE US BANK. Google 'complaints about US Bank' and you'll be in for quite a read.

  12. First, I want a do-over of this year so far, too. I'm with you there.
    Second, glad you pulled on the big girl pants. And that you have your little green sled with you. xoxo

  13. Criminy! That's a pretty awful list. Glad the card issue was resolved with your detective work. Sorry about your tooth. Coming from someone, who lives with someone with chronic dental issues...I can somewhat relate (ouch & zing-$$$$$). My wish is for the remaining months of this year be so fantastic that they overshadow this miserable beginning. Give Jack & Harry hugs...that always helps.

  14. wow, hoping the rest of 2013 is better for you than the start of it has been.

  15. Daryl, glad you got the Amex issue straightened out! I have a whole great list of my thoughts on people that do that sort of thing! I know you feel the same way I do!
    Lets hope the great blizzard of '13 will blow away all the issues for the rest of time!
    Speaking of which, hope it din't effect you too badly!

  16. Redos would be nice. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Glad that that Amex figured it out.

  17. The scenario with AMEX...TOTALLY unacceptable. They should have researched your records and realized where you shop. During the last 2 months I've had about 6 charges appear on my Corp. AMEX. Our exec. dining room decided that, since someones card was not working, they would charge mine. I don't get to eat up there and, if I did, I would have definitely remembered it. When I confronted them, they just couldn't figure out what happened...duh! I went to AMEX and they pursured it for me. This was minor compared to what you went frustrating! Also had a charge for Premium Data show up on my Verizon wireless bill. Somehow, while on-line, some third party data provider got hold of my cell # a/c and applied a monthly charge. Verizon got me out of it. I agree...let's have a do-over! It's only mid-February and not too late to start again! I have 2 pots of homemade chicken soup on the stove. Wish I could send you some...I know it would make you feel better!

  18. So glad you got the card situation straightened out, but sorry you had to spend time on it for something that someone else did. :-(

  19. Yikes.. it's scary how easily this can happen. I hate that it happened to you.

  20. Do you think Amex will really prosecute them? These credit card scammers tend to stay right under the limit that a company sets (I think it's about $2000)for prosecution. I would love for you to scare them, at least! When my credit union debit card number was used last summer (some kind of auto parts, online music downloads, two $25 Starbucks cards fill-ups....), Master Charge didn't even blink an eye after I filed a report with the sheriff's department and provided proof of it with my credit union. They refunded my money but the thieves got to keep everything. (BTW....American Express used at WalMart???)

  21. What a nightmare.

    Who do we need to talk to to redo the year? I'm on board with the concept, have been ever since the first week of January.

  22. SO many stressors, especially the loss of a friend... the CC fraud causes anger, but it's a downside to our plastic world, been there done that too! Wishing you better days ahead...

  23. well done mrs detective! over here banks are pretty good at refunding fraudulent charges. my bank once called me to verify if i had just purchased something online, the sum was a mere 25USD! on the other hand, there are just 5 million of us...

    sorry for the outches and the loss of (place several dollar signs here). i believe that everything evens out in the end, so you are bound to have a fabutastic rest the year! if it was a raised eyebrow i saw, english ain't my native language ;)

  24. OMG that's my worst nightmare..Aimee laughs at me because I will never buy anything on line because I don't want to give my credit card details to anyone especially on line! Well they are going to get a surprise when they get the knock on the door, don't you wish you could see their faces..So it's true then what they say about Wal Mart shoppers haha!

  25. I'm so glad you've identified the creeps! Hope they suffer and I hope 2013 goes all sunshiny for you after this!

  26. Crappy year so far huh?:(

    That is scary regarding your credit card! Do you think they used their real names? The one time our Visa card number was stolen a Visa official called me to report suspicious use in another state and took care of it promptly and well...I was lucky indeed.


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