water towers

you know
 i love to look up
 its how
 i came to notice
 the water tanks
 water towers
dot the skyline

 a water tower
 a mashed potato sky
naked tree branches
 for me
 is the
 the ultimate


 if you look closely
 you will see 
there are 
two towers
 in this shot


 for once
 using the iPhone 4's
 4 'megapixel' camera 
i did not
i had 

 i know ca-zazy!


  1. Ah those mashed potato skies! Nice pic-

    Aloha Dar

  2. Do the mashed potato is now rolling around in my head. Nice shot.

  3. Oh it took a minute to find that second water tower. Nicely done.

  4. I love how you've captured a bit of the blue in the sky & the silhouettes are perfect.

  5. Lots of dimension to your photo that really works well. Your iPhone does you justice. Lovely!

  6. I keep wondering when you'll run out of creative ways of focusing on your water tower motif, but you remain remarkably inventive.

  7. I love silhouettes, and you captured a pretty one here.

  8. Perfect description of that wonderful sky.
    Great photo, Daryl.

  9. love this shot!
    looking up is fab.
    so MANY people do not look up, that it allows me to hide christmas presents in plain sight. in the house, of course. i would never hide presents at a water tower. that would just be weird.

    of course now i know, if you're ever at my house, i should not hide your presents on the tops of cupboards. you'll see them.

  10. I love it too. Surprisingly my Samsung S3, has an 8mp camera... but the digital zoom is for the birds!

  11. Lovely! I always love bare branches...and you know how I feel about the water towers! (iPhone has only 4mp camera? I'm planning on getting the Galaxy Note this summer, and it has an 8mp camera. I would like to have a good phone camera...why?? )

  12. Beautiful! It is amazing what those iphone cameras can do:)

  13. Lovely shot...& no zoom or higher megapixel camera was necessary. Inspirational.

  14. Not crazy at all Daryl, you couldn't have taken a more blissful image no matter how much more lens power you had..this has so many elements to it that may have been different.


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