three pears

i forgot 
all about 
this post 
waiting patiently
 for me
 to write words
 to accompany it 

 when its quiet here at the office
 in the late afternoons
 i will write my posts
 at least 
choose a photo
 i hope
 will prompt me
 to write

was such a day
with no one around to interrupt the muse
 so what happened?

 i don't know
 i don't remember
 i do remember
 i headed home
 i hadn't written
 hadn't set the post to publish
 i would do it 
i resolved
when i got home

 when i did get home
 Toonman and i
 got involved 
in something
 the news was on
 then the night before Daily Show
bottom line
 i woke 
around 2ish
did i set that to publish at midnight without writing anything
 will my devoted readers
i went 
Wordless on Thursday
 did i not do anything
 at all 


 i didnt get up to find out
 if that ever happens
 i will for sure know 
i have lost it 

speaking of lost 

 i wore a pair of earrings
 i rarely wear
 a pair of hearts
 that dangle
 a gift from my friend Wendy
 i wore them
 to feel close to her
 its something i do
 i know 
i am weird

 when i got to the subway 
last night
 i realized
 they were not dangling from my lobes 
i also realized
 that backtracking
 - once before this happen, i back tracked and found the lost earring - 
wasn't going to work
 i had no idea 
they went missing

 i know
 it happened
 even tho i don't know

 i didnt put those little stopper things on the back wire 
i was wearing my zip up to the chin coat
 a scarf around my neck

 its likely
 the combo
 caught the back wire
 enabling them to escape

 i really needed a hug
 when i got home 
in fact 
 the following conversation
 they're responsible
 for me forgetting to write 
had that not happened
 who knows 
what drivel i would have shared

three pears
 i have no idea
 if its a good wine or not
 i only know labels
 like signs 
are like a magnet
 they pull me in 
make me 
aim and shoot
of course 


  1. I'm sure that good looking labels sell a lot of wine. I certainly grab for a good looking label on the shelf before any other because I am not a wine drinker.... so when Hubby needs wine, I grab the prettiest one. :)

    Sorry about the loss of your earrings. That's such a bummer. :(

  2. Pretty label..wonder if pear is a predominant flavor?
    I'm so sorry you lost your beloved earring, hoping it might turn up near where you put your coat on.

  3. I am so sorry you lost those special earrings, Daryl.

    I love the light in this photograph.
    Although a day late, sending you hugs.

  4. Oh, I hate losing earrings!

    Beautiful shot!

  5. I'm so sorry about the earring. Why does it have to be the very one that feels so special at the time? xoxo

  6. I'm sorry about the earrings, that would really upset me too. I've learned that I need to put the little rubber back thingies on the ones I really care about in the winter - those scarves and collars are a real menace!

  7. It's horrible when you lose something precious Daryl, don't stress you'll always have the memories. Take care.

  8. P.s. i forgot to mention how much I like the mellow tones in your 'nearly forgotten' image.

  9. A good-looking label sells wine like a good cover sells a book. I'd happily sample this wine.

  10. Oh no! You never know...that earring just might turn up in your purse or something like that. (PS...Thanks to you I made it to the dentist and I am so glad it did. Thank YOU!)

  11. Next stop the 'eye doctor' and 'typing school' because I spotted an 'it' which should be an 'I'. Oh dear :).

  12. I lost a favorite earring due to a scarf several weeks ago...I was pissed to say the least. I rarely lose earrings so this was an 'event.' Ugh! Love those pears...the only fruit besides apples that I will eat during the winter. The summer will incude watermelon. I know, I have to broaden my palate.

  13. Daryl, and I'm glad you did! Share that is! What's the song say: Ramble On!
    Sorry you lost your bling!

  14. I'm so sorry about your earring! That's happened to me way too many times and I still will forget to put the stopper thing on. I'm drawn to labels and names on bottles of wine, too. Such a sucker for marketing. :)

  15. So sorry about the earrings, especially since they had such meaning for you.

  16. Sad that you lost the wendy earring. Thank heavens for hugs. I needed one today. I'm getting pizza instead.

  17. OH I really feel close to your right now! I totally understood every word of this post.
    I've lost red earrings too. Mine were special also, a gift from Carl when he was my boyfriend.
    extra hugs, and a packet of little stopper things.

  18. I know exactly what you mean about labels. :)

  19. Too bad about the earrings.. that has to tug.

    I guess before that you actually had four pears/pairs.

  20. It's especially sad to read that you lost the earrings. Hugs to you Daryl


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