three pears

i forgot 
all about 
this post 
waiting patiently
 for me
 to write words
 to accompany it 

 when its quiet here at the office
 in the late afternoons
 i will write my posts
 at least 
choose a photo
 i hope
 will prompt me
 to write

was such a day
with no one around to interrupt the muse
 so what happened?

 i don't know
 i don't remember
 i do remember
 i headed home
 i hadn't written
 hadn't set the post to publish
 i would do it 
i resolved
when i got home

 when i did get home
 Toonman and i
 got involved 
in something
 the news was on
 then the night before Daily Show
bottom line
 i woke 
around 2ish
did i set that to publish at midnight without writing anything
 will my devoted readers
i went 
Wordless on Thursday
 did i not do anything
 at all 


 i didnt get up to find out
 if that ever happens
 i will for sure know 
i have lost it 

speaking of lost 

 i wore a pair of earrings
 i rarely wear
 a pair of hearts
 that dangle
 a gift from my friend Wendy
 i wore them
 to feel close to her
 its something i do
 i know 
i am weird

 when i got to the subway 
last night
 i realized
 they were not dangling from my lobes 
i also realized
 that backtracking
 - once before this happen, i back tracked and found the lost earring - 
wasn't going to work
 i had no idea 
they went missing

 i know
 it happened
 even tho i don't know

 i didnt put those little stopper things on the back wire 
i was wearing my zip up to the chin coat
 a scarf around my neck

 its likely
 the combo
 caught the back wire
 enabling them to escape

 i really needed a hug
 when i got home 
in fact 
 the following conversation
 they're responsible
 for me forgetting to write 
had that not happened
 who knows 
what drivel i would have shared

three pears
 i have no idea
 if its a good wine or not
 i only know labels
 like signs 
are like a magnet
 they pull me in 
make me 
aim and shoot
of course