doesn't this image seem 
 i am going to be focusing on it
 this morning
 while i have some periodontal surgery
 was more
 an oy vey
 after all

  stress makes me clench my teeth in my sleep
 i use a thingie
 seems my jaws of steel
 only use that 
to help apply pressure 
the fabulous Dr V 
is going to a little surgery
 take an up close look
 at what's happening
 the x-rays show an infection
 an abscess
 the cause 
could be 
a fractured tooth 
under the über bridge
 that is/are my upper teeth 

Dr V
 will give me lots of nice drugs 
 kick this mess to the curb

hell of a way to start the new year
its because its
unlucky 2013?



  1. this is not good, will be thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow. Hope your Dr. V has you back to feeling better in a few days!

  2. Love your courage devil may care vibe, tough gal. Can't wait to see the happy end to this karma burner.

  3. Teeth problems are a nightmare. Good luck with all that. x

  4. it IS the unlucky 2013! on the very first day my car slid backwards, on a very icy hill, to a ditch AND i superglued my finger to the superglue tube!

    but toothache is worse, way way worse, toothache wins everything. hope the good doc V did his magic and there is ache no more!

  5. I'll be thinking of you!
    and sending hugs
    enjoy the drugs at least

  6. I hope your surgery goes well and you are feeling back to normal as soon as possible! Thinking of you in this cold am !!

    NYC Style and a little Cannoli

  7. Okay, okay, I'm convinced - I'll make the appointment!

    Gah. Feel better!

  8. Definitely NAH! Its going to be a brilliant 2013!!

  9. I'm in agreement with PDP...Definitely NAH! It's going to be a brilliant 2013!!
    Remember, the first week is always a "wash" - "newer, happier, calmer" arrives on the 8th.
    Love that shot of my dining room window - it's an honor to show up on your blog!
    Send news!

  10. Definitely a soothing image, Daryl, and I so hope that Dr. V makes this thing go away real soon.
    Will be thinking of you.

  11. At least you're living in the golden age of dentistry. I've had everything done that dentists can do, except for gum grafts which Mrs. C. has had done, and I've never been hurt by my dentist, who I've gone to for twenty-five years. I hope it all works out for you.

  12. skip the meds and get the nitrous oxide...
    everything seems pleasant even surgery.

    speedy recovery !!

  13. Daryl, you have my commiserations! Hope you get it all to the curb today! I'll be think of you!

  14. Oh no - poor you!

    That is a lovely shot!

  15. this is a very serenity inducing image.
    I hope all went well Daryl!

  16. Oh no. This sounds awful, but hopefully you came through with flying colors and have some good pain pills.

  17. Oh no! You caught it! Gonna fix it! Very lucky!

  18. It will all be ok. And yes, that image is soothing ~

  19. Glad all went well and the drugs did their duty. Mouth soreness is hard to take.

  20. arg! day late, but yeah, it's relaxing.. like ocean waves.

  21. Ahhhh. Ugh. The dentist. I AM glad you are feeling better. That is a place I dislike but unfortunately we have to deal with it. Pain in the mouth hurts worse than pain anywhere else. ((Hugs))

    Yes. The photo looks very peaceful and serene :)

  22. Oy vey! is right! I should have read this post first:) Not being a bit superstitious I am sure this has no impact on the rest of your year! That reminds me....I haven't wished you a very Happy,Healthy, and hopefully Fulfilling year! Nice to get to know you this year!


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