spring grove cemetery and arboretum cincinnati ohio

every action has a reaction
 thank you for understanding my mood
 for those who read it
 it likely wont happen again

 thank you
 who told me 
they'd miss
 My Eyes

 you have helped me
 off the fence

no sooner
 i said it out loud
 i realized
i would miss it
 the idea was re-considered

 doing something
 like deleting it

 way too harsh

 unlike soap characters
 dead blogs
 do not return to life

 a once a week thing
 whenever i have a photo to share

 of course
 it was clear
 i wasnt pulling the plug

 see ripples
 your actions have reactions

sharing with
P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. We all need to be talked off the roof from time to time-Aloha
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  2. Courage !
    You must trust in life.....
    Best regards from Paris,


  3. So glad you decided to keep the other blog, I like it and would miss it.
    Love the reflections and the ripples-
    Wishing you a good week!

  4. Glad that you decided to keep it D...I truly think you would have missed it! And so many others enjoy your pics as well!! xo Jeanne

  5. I look forward to "seeing" you wherever you are, and however often.
    Have a good Monday.

  6. Dang, I miss reading you for a couple days and here you are threatening to quit!

  7. When blogging stops being fun it's time to reconsider. But I hope you don't disappear because I'd miss you.

  8. Someday I am going to visit you, with my sister, and we are going to enjoy some time photographing your incredible city. If not for blogging, I would never have known you. xoxo

  9. Gosh...I missed that previous post! Only when I read this one this morning did I realize there was something "unhappy" earlier! I'm sorry about your friends and about the effect of their loss and illness on you.

  10. I hope you are sticking around! This is the place for you to let off your steam and tell...strangers and lurkers have good vibes to return to your space.

  11. Good post...good decision. Re. yesterday...I feel your pain. My Goddaughter, at the age of 31 with a 4 yr. old, went through this. I am still unable to wrap my head around the whole thing. Thinking of you...hugs!

  12. Daryl, I love the ripples! And the reflections!
    And my thoughts are with you!

  13. I can see that something is going on and I think I detect that you have a plan :). Why I am here is because I enjoy what I read and to let you know that I booked an appointment at the dentist...hooray! That's a start. Thank you for sharing your whole self! Lauren

  14. somehow, based on how awful last year was, i know how you feel and i understand the questioning of it all....just today i learned of yet another family member having just been diagnosed with lung cancer and we are heart broken.....hugs to you.

  15. So sorry to hear about all the loss and pain in your life.

    That is a lovely shot - reminding us that we are what we think and do.

  16. Perfect image to accompany both yesterday and today's posts Daryl.. Life is like that, challenging to say the least. Questioning why is futile, accepting even harder. Big hugs.

  17. What your dear friend Wendy is going through is exactly what happened to my symptoms at all from her lung cancer until it had already metastasised to bone, brain, and liver. I miss her every single day more than I think I can bear some days...I guess none of us can escape these sorrows and it can be hard to count our blessings some days... My heart goes out to you and your friends Daryl. Stay strong.

  18. My mom went the same way ... they discovered she had metastatic liver cancer in October, 6 weeks before she died. Two days after her death the latest tests revealed she had lung cancer. And evil evil disease. So sorry for your friend. My thoughts are with you my friend.


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