oh the weather outside ...

on the way from Yellow Springs to Cincinnati

oh the weather
 if you don't like it 
wait a minute or two it will change

it has been unseasonably
 i am not 
 my office is always 
when i don't have to wear 
a shawl
 a scarf
 lap robe 
i am happy

i am not kidding
 one day
 a month or two back
 it was so cold
how cold was it
it was so cold
 i had a blanket on my lap
 i was told
 it looked 
as if
 i was in an old age home
 i likened it
 to being in a deck chair
 on the Titanic

 i digress 

between Christmas and New Year 
it was blustery 
it didnt snow
 it rained
the winds were icy

 it rains vs snowing
 depending on the temperature

 i have learned
 that when its been very cold
 then feels a bit warmer 
its going to snow

 rain comes with even warmer temps
 like the day
i took that photo of the barn
 the naked limbs
 of that tree
 decorated with rain drops
 it was wet 
it was misting
 i took that shot
 sitting in the car
 through the open window
 i wasn't about to get my camera wet 
never mind my hair

 if i want to hear about warm climes
 i go visit my friend Gracie
 who is having a hot hot summer
 at the end of the world
 in Perth
 a place i would love to visit in real life

 in the meantime
 i get my fix
 of parrots and roos 
from Gracie
 you should too 
click here