no more

dont they look great?
 cheese biscuits with jalepeno 
real butter 

these were et at Ditch Plains
 the ones
 i truly adore
 are the ones
 i get at Irving Farm

flakey fluffy cheddar cheese biscuits

cheesy biscuits

no more


never again
 will a cheesy biscuit
 any other 
saturated fat 
 pass these lips

 i have been scolded by my doctor
my cholesterol is higher than its been in forever 
i am already on lipitor
have been for a long long time

my cholesterol issues are hereditary/genetic 

i used to exercise 45 minutes a day 5 days a week
now i am a couch potato 
possibly one with cheddar cheese on top

i dont eat red meat

i dont eat cheese, 
generally speaking
dont eat much dairy


 i do eat ice cream
 not that much

after some discussion 
it was agreed
 cheesy biscuits 
 mixed berry scones

blood work will be redone in a month
if my numbers are better
an occasional treat
would be permitted

 a cheesy biscuit


  1. Maybe a daily brisk walk ?

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  2. Ugh! I so don't like having to give up my faves as I grow older. Just not right!

  3. Ugh... No chance of upping the meds? Hopefully the diet change will do it. Any chance of adding a few minutes of in-home exercise? Something good for winter?

  4. Oh dear high cholesterol isn't good is it, good luck with the diet.

  5. that's no good Daryl...
    thought you did a lot of walking..
    anyway, am sure you will get it under control!!

  6. I know how you feel Daryl..for me it's more family size blocks of chocolate..oh how will I survive haha!

  7. I feel your pain...have to get mine down plus my son is planning a summer wedding in Florida, so a cut back on all things that taste good are gone from my diet too..

  8. I wish we could just eat without consequence... hope your numbers are better after deprivation...

  9. I'm sure there is such a thing as life without cheesy biscuits, but it can't be pretty.

    Hope the numbers improve.

  10. Oh no! Hope you get the improvement you need! xo

  11. I'm the last one who should give dieting advice but I truly believe you can't live your life by denying yourself the things you love. You must include them in your diet somehow or you'll go nuts when your willpower finally deserts you.

  12. Just had blood drawn a couple of days ago and my bet is that I will soon be on Lipitor as well... I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I love eating stuff I shouldn't and it's just a constant battle for me.

  13. Ugh.. and you're so slim. Darn heredity. Look after yourself, my friend.

  14. Daryl, why are all the best things bad for us. I commiserate! Lipitor for many years, now it's crestor.
    I do like all those things too! Especially ice cream!
    My latest cause of Diverticulitus is no nuts, no cheese, no rich food. Gads I'm starving here!

  15. ....ditto w/lots of empathy!
    I visit the things I shouldn't eat in the store....I stand in front of them & savor all the flavors like ice-cream w/my imagination tasting them....& then I feel really good checking out when they're not in my cart! Sometimes I succumb with guilty pleasure...but hey I'm a human too! (I'm on a generic statin that I cut in 1/2 & still #s are ok!).

  16. That's the spirit! You know what you have to do and I sense a 'treat' as part of the plan. Yummy photo!

  17. Good luck! You can earn those cheesy buiscuts back!

  18. well that's a bummer. sorry to hear it. hope your good choices bring about the desired results though.

  19. I fought the statins for years and finally gave up after exercising, giving up all the treats, and trying natural remedies. The dr. said the Crestor would cost as much if not less than the natural statin I was taking so I surrendered when my number went up to 270. I am a computer/desk potato and hate hate hate exercising. And now I'm going to have a nice healthy apple....with cheese and a glass of wine. Salud!

  20. Oh, this is no fun.
    Necessary though, I guess.
    As long as you can have an occasional goodie!

  21. How sad ... having to cut out the good stuff....
    well plenty of other good things still abound..

    Bob takes Lipitor but cholesterol isn't something
    I have to worry about...and I eat all the bad stuff..
    so send the cheesy biscuits south..

  22. I have a great easy to remember diet for you. Anything that tastes good, spit it out. You will be the very picture of health.

  23. I am so very fortunate that my Mevacor is working least for now:)

  24. They look so good! Can you start running again and then be able to eat them??

  25. Oh, these look just scrumptious. My cholesterol is a little high, too. My pharmacist daughter said (for me) not too be concerned; only a little high,and (sshhhh) often pharmaceutical companies 'raise' the level to worry people.... So I'm not on anything. I do watch what I eat, love dairy, but don't eat so much red meat.

  26. Drool. Mine is a little high as well. It just recently dropped some when I lost weight that I didn't try to lose. He's been trying to get me on meds forever, but I refuse.

    Your life is constant exercise! All that walking...

    But I agree....moderation is the key :)

  27. Bummer! I used to walk 2 miles every day except over the December holidays. Here it is Jan 22 and I haven't gotten back in the habit. I'm going to get moving.

  28. Nice poem -- humor definitely helps!

    I gave up biscuits and flour tortillas entirely when I realized that the combination of white flour and butter triggers cravings in me for everything else in the world with white flour and butter. Cheese only adds to the attraction. I finally decided that I'd rather have other things that don't set off cravings that are so hard to deal with.

  29. Oh no Daryl! Crossing my fingers for your bloodwork to come back with some good numbers!! xo


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