no fotos please!

did you know
 is the term
 the art of food eating?

i googled
 to learn
 the/a term
 food photography
there's none

do you take photos of your food
 when you are dining out?
i do
i often say: 
 right there
now you can eat

i was snapping dishes 
long before Instragram
long before it was 'a thing'
my little old Olympus Stylus point and shoot
actually had a food setting
worked a lot better than the macro setting
didnt need a flash

i rarely shlep my BIG camera with me
 when i am going out to eat
 of course
 i am out with the BIG camera
 even then
 if i am to be honest
 i pull out the iPhone
 to take my food pix

has a 
Foodie SnapPak
DC Film 
Loftus Lens 

 even using
 Instragram's 'lens'
ProCamera app
Alt Photo app
 the actual
 iPhone camera app
 will get you good food pix

what inspired this post?
an article
 in the
 Wednesday NY Times Dining section
'Restaurants Turn Camera Shy'


it seems
diners snapping food fotos 
are annoying other diners
 with the flash from their cameras


if you dine at a David Bouley restaurant
pull out your camera
 to be invited
 into the kitchen
 i kid you not
  to shoot
 'as the plates come out'

  'that shot will look so much better on the marble table in our kitchen' 
according to Chef Bouley himself

Don't try snapping
 foie gras
 Chef Chang does not allow photos!
you can read about it here

i doubt 
i will ever eat at Ko

did you know
 you can take a class
iPhone food photography?

are some of 
 recent gastronomic photos
never took a photo class 
i guess i am just 
idiot savant
maybe just
crazed food foto idiot

 beat salad at 

yellow springs, ohio

 i 'art direct' my food shots
in this case 
the anchovies 
i asked to be omitted from my salad
along with an olive
 food heart
i know

i shouldn't play with my food

do you?


  1. I sometimes take meals pics I send to friends...
    Greetings from Paris,


  2. I tried to take a photo of my plate last weekend when my youngest son and his girlfriend took us out to eat....he objected. ;-) He then quoted some sarcastic remark about diner photography that he had read on the internet. My photo didn't turn out was dark and the flash...well, it flashed!

  3. Extensive survey of the fascinating topic. But look at your open again. 'Food eating' as opposed to? LoL!
    Aloha dear Nut

  4. I take pics all the time but never use the flash. There is no need to with most cameras. I'd love to be invited into the kitchen. I'd be taking pictures of the food, the hardware, the cooks, everything.

  5. I heard about this yesterday on the NY radio show and need to read this article. I do take food photos due to my blog, but I do not use flash and I take very minimal so not to bother other diners. I think it kind of stinks the restaurants do not like it because it could make someone go to their place if they see a yummy photo. I can understand the real fancy places not liking it, I guess it's their choice. I have never been yelled at for taking photos of my food anywhere. Interesting topic for sure! I know I love to look at others photos of food as well.

  6. I take photos of my cocktails. Wonder what that means...

  7. Yup, I read about this just yesterday, and in several different places.
    Now I will admit, that standing on a chair with a huge setup and flash might be a bit distracting, but c'mon!
    I will continue to play with my food, and I hope you do too, because you always find the yummiest things to photograph!

  8. I've never taken photographs of food but I do believe it's an art. I've seen terrible pictures by people who don't understand the challenges presented by trying to make food look good.

  9. i always think about taking a photo of my food AFTER it's gone or half eaten :(

  10. In Los Angeles you'll often get grief over taking a flash photo in a restaurant because some random "celebrity" will think you're taking a pic of them, not the food. Sheesh.

    I love taking food photos to share with my other foodie friends. And I've made a note of the restaurant that invites you into the kitchen. I would LOVE that!

  11. Daryl, great shots! You got my mouth to watering! Never took photos of food. Sharon's uncle used to take commercial shots for Hiram Walker (Canadian Club, etc) Always liked going on that tour! Great free samples!

  12. I get so distracted by the food, I usually forget to snap a pic.

    Love that one of the dessert..yum

  13. Since we rarely go out to eat, I mostly cook and nobody wants a picture of what I cook.

    Also, Food SnapPak - sounds like ready made pudding that Bill Cosby peddles.

    I love your food pictures. I love food period.

  14. I used to take photos, but for some reason, now that I work in a place that makes beautiful food, I don't anymore! Yours are great!!

  15. Now I've heard it all. I nearly ALWAYS take photos of my food, especially when on a trip. I use my biggie and I don't use a flash, so nobody's complained. On the other hand, I hate it when people open their phone during a movie and that light goes on...such bad manners. I digress.... What you ate looks yummy, snap away.

    A term for snapping food shots? Gastrophography?

  16. Absabloominlutely I do, so does Aimee, sometimes it must look tres odd with us both snapping away way like Japanese tourists haha!

  17. You may have an opportunity to photograph the food of MY WIFE and me, in February.

    We have tentative plans to be in NYC (Brooklyn, actually) from Sunday, the 10th, until perhaps Thursday, the 14th. I'll be in touch with you before then, as our plans become more firm.

  18. Your food shots made me hungry. Well all except that anchovie one...ick. I've been known to snap a photo or two of my food and other's too, but it never looks as good in the photo as it does on the plate.

  19. I love beet salads! And of course your food iphonography. Make me so hungry! And those diners being upset about photos being taken??? Get over it!

  20. I sometimes forget to snap before I eat. Mr. BFR is usually not amused by foodtography -- I just ignore him.

  21. i recall anthony bourdain saying that it's obligatory in nyc to take picture of your food before you're allowed to eat it. could be he was using sarcasm font...i take a picture of everything i eat outside my home. never use a flash, if it's too dark, darn, i don't get a picture.

  22. any moment that i am taking a photo of food...i am not *eating* said food. however, i have no problem with other people shooting food. gives me stuff to look at when i can't actually have it. or something. ;)

  23. I love to take pics of my food when I'm eating out...sometimes I don't have the nerve too but have never been told I can't! I don't use flash in a restaurant and I've never seen anyone use flash so I guess that could be annoying...Now I am getting hungry:)


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