look, up in the sky, its ...

the moon

stopped at tourneau
last night
 to pick up
 my just repaired
  time piece

it took 
 to write up the charge
 likely due
 having to figure out
 how to deduct
 the cost
 of the battery/cleaning
 i paid for
 in May
 the cost of repairing
 25+ year old Concord Saratoga
 time piece

 calling it
 time piece

it was hot in the store
by the time 
she returned
 with my receipt and warranty
i had practically undressed
peeling off
 worn for the frigid temps

she said 
put this somewhere safe

 i thought
 i should tell her
 i will put them with my stock certificates
she wouldnt get the 'joke'
(i dont have the physical stock certificates for the very real stock i own)

 i exited
 the shop 
i looked 

a not quite full moon

no camera

pulled off my glove

whipped out the iPhone




  1. it's a gorgeous shot. i love the idea that you have a 25 year old time piece.

  2. Gotcha! Love it! As you've already seen in IG, I, too, captured the moon. I was excited about the result because of the clouds.

  3. I love my iphone and don't know how I ever lived without it!! Since I got it...my little Canon hasn't left my office! Great capture!!

  4. gorgeous shot! yes, be sure to keep the warranty with the certificates:)

  5. I've been doing photos with my little Minox camera and my phone, since didn't want to carry the biggie around in the rain/snow....although my daughter bought me a camera 'raincoat' but I haven't opened it yet.... I need a new watch, you reminded me.

  6. I used to have a "timepiece." Taking it to the shop and have the repair order figured out and then picking it up weeks later and more paperwork and then repeating in a few years. Didn't work for me.

  7. My favourite 'time piece' is a gold watch which belonged to my mother. I had to have it fixed just one and it works perfectly. :)

  8. Good thing you never leave home without the iPhone Daryl, this is exactly how our moon looks right now...almost full!

  9. It looks like shattered moon fragments are lighting up the tree.

  10. the moon along with the sparkly tree make for a beautiful sight

  11. Since I got my new iPhone, I am taking lots more "on the fly" photos and really enjoying it. Videos too! In spite of it being very cold, it looks like a beautiful night.

  12. Daryl, you amaze me with your iPhone photos! I really like this one!

  13. That really IS a good iPhone pic. Love the ghost tree too on your other channel :). Your stories are lovely. I picked up that it is officially cold there. Get those layers back on!

  14. I was out and about a few days ago and had to peel off some layers too. Good thing I had my HUMONGO purse with me to stuff my discarded wardrobe into.

    Love this shot!

  15. LOL I got the stock certificate joke. Nice capture to save the evening.

  16. I so wish I had been there...I would have prompted you to blurt out the 'stock cert' comment and I would have roared all the way down the block. In fact, I'm still laughing! Great post, cool photo!

  17. I am trying to imagine the guys who were paid to install all of those lights on that tree. Unless you grow them that way in the Big Apple? Just me again, missing the point but certainly not missing the beauty. :)

  18. Well done! This is gorgeous! This full moon has been leaving me breathless each time I see it!


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