Toonman and i
 are talking
 you know

 we got into
 what's funny

 he's trying to come up with a toon
 me offering up scenarios
about someone we know
moved into an apartment
 in a 
 high rise

 how he cant handle 
 being near windows
 46 floors up

 his friend
 it also has a terrace 

 put the kibosh on that 
no way
 would he 
go out 
on a terrace that high

 friend said
 a cat actually fell off a terrace two floors below

 i interject
 i suspect 
the friend's son
 who tried to help rescue the cat
 scared it
 making it fall

 Toonman doesnt think it matters 

i say 
there's another toon idea

 he says its not funny
 a cat falling off a high rise terrace
 isn't funny

 i look at him
 i say
 did the man
 in another creative life
 a skit called
 'television for the blind' 
stop finding dark humor funny

 he paused
 considered it
 the idea is funny
 til you know
 that a cat

 i say
 well, there you go, another toon idea

 i got up
 walked over to my computer
 wrote this post

 do you find humor in things 
which in reality make you uncomfortable? 
do you 'get' dark humor?