Toonman and i
 are talking
 you know

 we got into
 what's funny

 he's trying to come up with a toon
 me offering up scenarios
about someone we know
moved into an apartment
 in a 
 high rise

 how he cant handle 
 being near windows
 46 floors up

 his friend
 it also has a terrace 

 put the kibosh on that 
no way
 would he 
go out 
on a terrace that high

 friend said
 a cat actually fell off a terrace two floors below

 i interject
 i suspect 
the friend's son
 who tried to help rescue the cat
 scared it
 making it fall

 Toonman doesnt think it matters 

i say 
there's another toon idea

 he says its not funny
 a cat falling off a high rise terrace
 isn't funny

 i look at him
 i say
 did the man
 in another creative life
 a skit called
 'television for the blind' 
stop finding dark humor funny

 he paused
 considered it
 the idea is funny
 til you know
 that a cat

 i say
 well, there you go, another toon idea

 i got up
 walked over to my computer
 wrote this post

 do you find humor in things 
which in reality make you uncomfortable? 
do you 'get' dark humor?


  1. Gallows Humor! Laughter is the right response to a lot of dark stuff I guess

    Happy Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I get some dark humor. But I think when it hits too close to your own fears or things you love, then you can't find it funny. I too am afraid of heights, so that's off the board for me. And thinking about a poor cat falling not helping either. Although I guess you might be able to do something with landing on it's feet. Not sure what though.

  3. I do get and laugh at dark humor..but the poor cat! That hits too close to home, I guess, since we all love our
    But the Toonman being too scared to look out of the 46th floor apartment is funny, even tho I'd never go up that far (let alone look out-) I can laugh at him!

  4. Ooh, I don't like high places or cats dying, and don't think either one is funny.
    My husband and my brother Clint are awful punsters, and find everything funny, including all their old jokes.
    My young brother Rob has an animation studio and, along with it, a bizarre sense of humor, but is kind, warm, sweet and gentle with his children, 11 and 9. He's usually that way with me, until his mind reverts to his college days when he lived with me, and when he delighted in upsetting me. He threatened to feed my kitten to a tarantula he and his art partner kept in their studio in my basement.
    It's hard to tell, dealing with men. They are sometimes strange creatures, even the best of them.

    1. Oh Kay, I wouldn't like that sort of stuff at all. I'm afraid my nasty side would come out. When I was young I could cut someone down to size pretty handily; I don't do it anymore, but I would be tempted, here.

  5. I cringe, but then I giggle all the same.

    Poor cat. Not a great way to use up your nine lives...

  6. I do find some of it funny..then I feel bad that I found it funny..sometimes haha ! I so relate to how Toonman feels, I get vertigo just thinking about heights!

  7. Haha. I definitely get dark humour! Although I agree with Toonman, the idea of the cat falling is funnier when you don't know it happened to an actual cat.

  8. As I've gotten older, I like dark humor less and less, and if it involves animals, I hate it. The only time I like it is if it takes aim at the puffed-up or the pretentious; then I love it.

  9. I think I'm with Toonman on this, but I do like Vickie's suggestion about it landing on all fours!

  10. I like dark humor but it probably depends on the subject. I do like cats myself but as long as the cat was not hurt, I am okay with it. Our weather is to be at 57 on darn crazy! Hope you have a great Monday!!

  11. I do like and get dark humor. It is the only thing that has helped me get through some really dark experiences in my life. I have noticed however that sometimes my dark humor makes others cringe, so I try to hold the comments in. Since I am a pretty extreme introvert, holding in the comments is easy for me. I repeat the jokes to myself however and get a chuckle - unfortunately, seeing someone sitting there chuckling to themselves also makes some people cringe. oh well! "The cat fell off the terrace" isn't funny, but with some embellishment, it could become a funny story. Particularly if the cat owner is the person telling the story - "Felix was always trying to find new places to hide from the kids, today he tried to hide behind the terrace railing, unfortunately we live on the 42nd floor". Still a tragedy, but easier to deal with.

  12. Yes, I believe I get dark humor but I only think it's funny when it's in the right context. Reading the sentence about Felix that Windsmurf wrote above - now that is funny. I guess it's in the telling of the story. It isn't funny that a cat is dead, but the way it was told was humorous, in a dark way. And I get that.

  13. I like dark humor, but not when abused...but did the cat land on all fours? :-0

  14. I do and it often makes me laugh, I think Brits are actually known for having a slightly odd soh at times! But being a not so secret cat lady, I'm with toonman on this.

  15. I do like dark humor, as long as it's not overboard, or a constant "assault."
    I have an acquaintance in the "assault" category. :-(

  16. Daryl, I'm afraid the dark humour side of me is deeply ingrained! Huh, how strange we are!

  17. Love dark humor. My exhusband taught me all about dark humor...he was a master.

  18. I don't know about the humor part, but now I know why I like Toonman so much. He shows common sense and good judgment as it relates to heights!

    As I always say, gravity was invented to keep us close to Earth. Clouds, stars, planets and airplanes are the only things meant to so far off the ground.

  19. as long as it doesn't involve cruelty, children, babies, animals or the elderly, than I'm ok with it - I think.
    I know it's a long list but you get my drift.

  20. I do like and usually laugh crazily at dark humour....and isn't all humour a little bit dark? Or is that just me:)

  21. i only like it if it's over the top. for example - the cat fell down those floors - but that wasn't what killed him. upon landing, he bounced into the street and into a movie theatre where he was scared to death by being made to watch back to back stephen king films. but THAT wasn't what killed him either - he then went to take a bath and the hairdryer dropped in the bath...

    this will go on for awhile, but i think you get the point.

    ALTERNATIVELY, if it's the cat that we don't own that keeps pooping in our backyard...i would think it HILARIOUS if something fatal happened. i *might* laugh for weeks.

    i should find a way to be more brief. sorry.

  22. Sure. I'm of the "If you don't laugh, the only other option is to cry" school. I opt for the laugh more often than not.

    So does MY WIFE. This morning she said the government had a good thing going because there's a box on your income tax form to check off for an additional deduction if you're blind, but if you're blind you can't see the box to check it off.


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