eating and shopping with friends

my bosses give great gift 
 their wives
 give great gifts

this christmas
 gave me
 an amazingly gorgeous

 celine tote bag
 the leather was so soft 
when you put it over your shoulder 
the whole thing collapsed into itself 
had the shoulder strap
been a teensy bit longer
i might have kept it

 i took it back to the store
 got a credit
 oh boy 
what a credit

 i have since getting the credit
 mostly hibernated 
due to the weather

but it was
beginning to burn a hole in my wallet

what to do?

 i called
 two of my best gal pals
 an afternoon
lunch and shopping

 on the way to 
bergdorf goodman
 donna asked
 if i had made a reservation
 well no
 but i can do it now

i fumble
with my iPhone open table app
the earliest table for 3
 is 2:30
 its now
just a little past 1

 it took me
 until the cab pulled up
 across from bg
 to make the reservation

 we decide
 to just go up to the 7th floor
see if we can 
get a table sooner
 if not
we'd shop

was able to seat us immediately

if you've ever dined
at fred's in barney's
 the comparison
 the menu
 at fred's is larger/more diverse
 the ambiance
 its view of Central Park
 its cozy
 'trader vic' chairs

a lunch of 
scallops and mushroom ravioli for me
 deviled eggs for donna
lovely salmon for cheryl

we order
 'cookies for the table'
and coffee

we go shopping
they were having 75% off sales
 i managed
 to find

sold design lab brown faux leather skinny jeans

rag & bone forest green skinny jeans

 nili lotan cashmere boyfriend sweater in cobalt
 of which
were on sale

still came away
 half the credit
 left for another day


  1. That's SOME credit!

    Happy Aloha
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Hahaha I do that every time. Go somewhere that's having massive sales, buy the things that are still full price. :oP Fab purchases, I adore the colour of that sweater!!

  3. What a credit! Love all of your purchases, the cobalt is gorgeous!

  4. I wanna work where you work!
    The color of that sweater looks WONDERFUL on you.

  5. That purse must have cost a fortune. Someone was really generous.

  6. That IS some credit!!! Your bosses wives DO give great gifts! I LOVE the cobalt blue....could never dream of skinny jeans ever in my life. ;-)

  7. You know how to eat and dress in style.... I would have loved the ravioli you mention...

  8. What a fun outing and such super cute finds! Good luck on spending the rest.

  9. deviled eggs, cookies and shopping. that is a hellovan afternoon! i need a bit of each of those.

  10. Still have yet to eat at BG restaurant. Was walking around there once and felt a bit out of place, very very high scale. But I will get there as those chairs look amazing as does the desserts! What a great gift boss buys from places more like the dollar store. And deviled eggs are the BEST! Have a great weekend!

    NYC Style and a little Cannoli

  11. This is soooooo cool! I love when this type of thing happens and you get to shop till you drop and have some left over...a gift that keeps giving and giving and giving. You must have had a blast!

  12. Awesome!!! Wow! What a day, what a gift!!!

  13. Geessh, they're a generous employer. That purse looked lovely but so do your other purchases. I need some "make me skinny" jeans.

  14. What an awesome fun day! And what awesome bosses you have. But then again, what an awesome employee THEY have! (Okay, guess I carried away with awesome~ness in this post!) Ha!

  15. ooh, but i am a sucker for soft, black leather. i love the bag but i'm glad you're finding things you like better.

  16. OMG that Celine tote must have cost a fortune, how nice to know that they appreciate you that much hey Daryl.. Tres chic re purchases!!

  17. Outstanding! I'm not sure I could have parted with that bag, though.

  18. Such gorgeous purchases!! I also love the cobalt blue on you :)

    I dislike shopping...LOL but I bet it would be fun with a bunch of gals!

  19. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. Love the clothes...and still a credit, good for you.


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